Happy Halloween: The Scariest Coffee Videos Of All...

Happy Halloween: The Scariest Coffee Videos Of All Time


First up, we’d like to present you with fear. Horror. Insanity. Gaze upon this Kubrickian wail, and expose yourself to the echoes of madness…



Now we’ve truly taken a turn for the macabre. Your stomach will churn, your heart will quicken, but don’t close your eyes for the purge..


Can you handle this waking nightmare of an appearance by Dan Humphries on The Today Show? Watch on as Mr. Humphries is fiendishly tortured by a couple of Crypt Keepers.


Last, the most terrifying coffee video you will ever see. Some of its viewers have been driven to insanity, locked in the asylum, drooling, gnashing their teeth, and swallowing their tongues. Will you be driven mad by this unholy incantation?

Embedding disabled by request…you’ll have to click here.

Happy Halloween from Zachary Carl-Scream, Jor-Dead Michelman, Alex Boo-son, and our Impaled Intern, Joannaaaaaaah! Han.



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