Happening Tonight: DC vs. Philly TNT

Dual and dueling events going down tonight in DC and Philadelphia, where baristas from each city compete for glory, bragging rights, rent money and considerably lesser prizes. The Philly event happens at Spruce Street Espresso (1101 Spruce Street) and the DC event is at Big Bear (1700 First Street NW). DC event info here, Philly event info here . Philadelphians can also earn $50 in a costume contest and one night free at the Intercontinental Hotel in NYC. (NOTE: Do not go dressed as a brew method. That’s outro like Gwyneth Paltrow.) Both events start at 8pm.

Click here for a video in which Philly talks shit on DC (“every one of your monuments looks pornographic”), and mockingly chugs beer in front of La Colombe (4:25).

Click here for an older, equally vitriolic DC propaganda video with strong anti-Philadelphia sentiments (“putrid, hellish, idiotic, loser, losery, loserville, why would you live there?”).

It’s not even close who we’re rooting for. Philly, consider your impending victory officially sponsored by Sprudge.com, with free yearbook subscriptions offered to all who participate. Karaoke at Bob & Barbara’s after, right? City-wide specials for all.


  1. Katehume

    9 November

    The “beer” is actually Pure Black. It is La Colombe’s cold brew coffee.

  2. Dakotabound

    20 October

    Hey, did I miss the coverage of Minneapolis vs. Chicago a couple of weeks ago?

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