Happening Now: MANEACC Mania

The Mid-Atlantic Northeast Artisan Coffee Conference, MANEACC, or simply just “MANE”, is happening right now. Call it what you will, but a who’s who of coffee have made their way to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to join together at the Hope Artiste Village. From the MANE Facebook page:

MANE is a 2 1/2 day coffee conference for baristas. Chock full of educational classes, hands on workshops on alternative brewing, espresso extraction on THREE La Marzocco Linea paddle machines, Keynote Sarah Allen, editor of Barista Magazine. Presenters include Rob Stephen, Jay Caragay, Phil Proteau, Amanda Byron, Sarah Kluth and more!

Sponsors include Apollo Espresso by Counter Culture Coffee, InterAmerican, Toddy, La Marzocco, Barista Pro Shop, Pacific Natural Foods, Royal Coffee NY, Dallis Coffee, Flat Black Coffee Roasters and Cafe Imports. Are you a maniac, MANEACC on the floor? Are you dancing like you’ve never danced before? Send your MANE scoops to MANE@Sprudge.com


  1. Piero C

    8 October

    Thats last years line-up.

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