Call Me “Spencer” – Ben Affleck&...

Call Me “Spencer” – Ben Affleck’s Sexy Starbucks Secret

The Daily Mail recently got a pic of Ben Affleck sipping out of a Starbucks iced cup labeled for “Spencer”. The Daily Mail naively assumed that this was merely a case of shrouded identity for Mr. Affleck, following the same principles as when celebrities check into hotels.

An alias, a nomme de guerre, call it whatever you want, but this scenario doesn’t make much sense to us. Ben Affleck looking hunkier than ever, his venti iced coffee is a totes-not-embarrassing order, and come on, the guy just won an Oscar for Best Picture. A fake name at the Starbucks ain’t foolin’ nobody, and Ben knows it.

We’ve got a couple better theories on the Spencer mystery.

Theory 1: Did The Daily Mail ever consider that perhaps Ben Affleck was picking up a sensitive gift for his friend Spencer, and then he got a little parched on his way back to their flat? Happens ALL the time.

But if Spencer is real, then who is he? Our Spencer guesses are…

Spencer Fox

spencer fox

Or maybe, Spencer Reed

Spencer Reed

Though secretly we hope it was Spencer Todd

Spencer Todd

Theory 2: If Affleck wasn’t picking up a coffee for his close friend Spencer, then he was probably just going the method route, getting into character for an upcoming role by living as them, even when ordering his daily coffee.

Because he is so committed to his craft, Mr. Affleck actually does this for a lot of his roles:

He ordered a Venti Iced Black Coffee as Spencer to prep for his role as a diet and hydration obsessed personal trainer in quirky rom-com Juiced.

For his role as a disaffected aging Brooklynite in Bedford and Grand, Mr. Affleck dons his Carhartts and orders a Cortado as Maurice.

If you see Mr. Affleck drinking a Caramel Frappuccino, just call him “Lance”– that’s his character in the forthcoming Oscar-baiting LA gaybro indie think piece Yeah, Man.

“A tall strawberry frappe with extra whip & cocoa dust for Henry!” That’s not a role he’s preparing for; that’s just called Tuesday.

Staff writer Alex Bernson contributed to this piece.



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