Go To Vienna For Free, No Really, Not Joking

Go To Vienna For Free, No Really, Not Joking

Think it’s too early to start game planning for WBC 2012 in Vienna? Think again. National competitions all around the world are already in the books, with America’s regionals only a few short months away. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “Who, me? Vienna? Yeah right. What do I look like, Brent Fortune? I could never afford to get there in a million years.” But that’s where you’re wrong!

Last year we partnered with Natvia for their “Send Me To Bogota” contest – and Bryan Arndt and his gal-pal received an all-expense paid trip to Bogota in return. This year, Natvia wants to send you and a guest to Vienna, hook you up with a hotel, get you backstage at the event and then fulfill your deepest, darkest Sweet Fantasy at their exclusive event afterparty. All you have to do is enter their contest, schmuck your friends (and your mom, plus whoever else) into voting for you a whole bunch, and voila! Free tickets to Vienna. They’ve even made the self-promotion process easier with a PR “tool box” (posters, mailers, pyramid schemes).

Even better, they’re expanding the contest this year to three separate catergories: Barista, Roaster and “Coffee Lover”. These are obviously kind of loose designations – if you screw around part time on the 2 kilo ’round back, you can probably enter as a Roaster – but “Coffee Lover” is the loosest of them all.

Anyhoozle, this whole thing gets underway on January 20th, but you can pre-enter right now cruising over to the Send Me To Vienna website. Voting will close in March. We’ll be covering the voting with regular updates, including exclusive glances at the standings from our recently-rehabbed and even more recently-relapsed Sweet Fantasy correspondant, Randy Bodom. Ooh!




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