George Costanza Seal Of Approval: No Expense Spare...

George Costanza Seal Of Approval: No Expense Spared At Singapore Cafe Tinkle Dinkle Ha-Ha Room


The Straits Times is who we turn to for all things kopitiam, to learn more about the small but vibrant Singapore coffee scene headed by shops such as Cofeee Bean and Tea Leaf and Coffee Club, and rarely do they ever disappoint. Singapore is also home to 21 Street Eating House, whose owner, Mr. K.B. Soh, recently installed a “five star” luxury toilet in his shop. To be featured on the George Costanza iToilet app, for sure:

Nestled in the Tampines heartland, in a coffee shop called the 21 Street Eating House, this toilet ticked all the right boxes – no litter or pungent odour, a handicapped cubicle, and even eco-friendly features such as sensor-activated flushing and water-saving taps.

Mr K.B Soh, owner of the 20-year-old coffee shop, said he has always been conscientious about cleanliness, particularly that of toilets.

The toilet was designed by the 63-year-old to the tune of about $10,000.

‘I even have an aquarium at the entrance of the restroom, to liven up the place,’ he said in Mandarin.

Read more over at The Straits Times, and learn more about this fascinating English-language paper on their wiki.

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