“Funny Or Die” Not Funny, Should Die

“Funny Or Die” Not Funny, Should Die

Ugh. A website that was popular maybe like, 5 years ago, when Michael Cera was popular, you know, like 5 years ago, lampoons the kind of coffee snobs that think bat guano processing makes for specialty. Just listen to their discussion of Costa Rican vs. Ecuadorian coffees. Don’t you know which region, farm, elevation, and process those coffees came from? HAVE YOU ACTUALLY BEEN TO ORIGIN? Name us a farmer, dammit, or at least a freakin’ finca. And EVERYONE knows how delightful an iced Chemex can be. What kind of snobs are you? Espresso over ice? Are you kidding?

But in all seriousness, this skit feels like it got cut from the “Portlandia” pilot, by a writing / acting / directing team destined for Tumblr hell. Fred Armisen would’ve made a much more convincing mid-2000s era clove-puffing “aren’t I just like Aubrey Plaza?” art school dropout trust fund etc etc etc never had a bad thing happen in my entire life except for that time my boyfriend on tour didn’t call me for a week slept through my brunch shift tedious barista archetype.

HATED IT. But in all fairness, the Tumblr bumblers who wrote this thing probably had very similar experiences at an erstwhile “nice” cafe. Not to name names, but so have we. OshGosh B’gosh overalls? Are you kidding me? You’re a grown woman.


  1. Alex

    4 October

    I’m with Reid on this one. I don’t think they’re mocking specialty coffee per se, but the pretentious bs that sometimes comes with it – but absolutely should not. As with any parody, some material misses, and some is over the top. But I laughed.

  2. Valerian

    4 October

    I think you are right… They should have done little more research. It could have been actually funny.

  3. Reid

    4 October

    I also posted this at DCILY’s post on this video, but thought you might appreciate it.

    There is something appropriate in the fact that the only knowledge of coffee they demonstrate is nonsense. They are quite literally pretentious – they don’t actually know anything.

    I’m sure there are snobby baristas that have some actual knowledge, but I’d like to think that baristas who actually make the effort to learn about and understand coffee are doing so out of a genuine love of the stuff and a desire to improve their coffee and inspire such love in others. If you only want it for a sense of superiority, you are probably less likely to worry about veracity – you’ll settle for whatever the clique you surround yourself with (probably coworkers) takes to be true.

    I’m sure they just threw in whatever truthy pseudo-facts about coffee they could come up with because doing research for a three minute video would have been excessive, but that actually seems to lend a deeper level of resonance to the satire – they aren’t just mocking specialty coffee professionals, they are mocking pretenders that don’t really care about coffee.

    Then again, maybe I’m overthinking this.

  4. Valerian

    4 October

    I think it is a good idea, badly executed. I do not think any of the coffee snobs like “digested coffee”. Everybody knows coffee geeks are scared of these things:

    I know it is not so pretty as the Funny or Die one, but it is funnier … I think.

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