Frothy Gossip: 6 Extra Hot Low Cost Halloween Coff...

Frothy Gossip: 6 Extra Hot Low Cost Halloween Coffee Costumes

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween has reared it’s ugly haunted head, bringing with it a weekend of required costumery to kick off the holiday season. Stay in costume AND be au courant with our exclusive list of Halloween suggestions:

6. Clover Machine

Ingredients: One large cardboard box. Cut out holes for your head and arms and draw in the details of the Clover machine. Draw a big Siren Logo on the back and carry around dark roasted coffee. Bonus points if you can convince your friends that the Clover inspired the by-the-cup movement.

5. Home Barista

Ingredients: Dumpy clothes, an iPhone, a DSLR and a disinterested girlfriend.

For best effect, keep yourself near an espresso machine. Yell out “uneven tamp!” whenever you get a chance.

4. Zombie Barista

Walking dead or 6am shift? You decide!

3. Moka Pot

Adorn yourself in tin foil and burn those who dare touch you. If anyone asks, tell them you’re a “real Italian cappuccino machine”.

2. Early 20s Coffee Consultant

You’ve been in the industry for nine months, yet you’ve long since grown tired of working bar. It’s time for something real!

Ingredients: A blog, a flickr account, designer jeans, and a propensity for snoot.

1. Chemex

FABULOUS Chemex costume modeled by Katie Car-Ghoul-O

Send us your best Halloween coffee costume shots!

Jeremy Tooker image from Laughing Squid’s flickr stream.

  1. Tanya N.

    31 October

    Very clever!
    Easy and lovely, now it makes me think about cappuccino, someone being foamy with the scent of cinnamon sticks! Happy Halloween!

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