Elsewhere In Colombia: Barista Magazine Pre-WBC Da...

Elsewhere In Colombia: Barista Magazine Pre-WBC Day-packing Pre-Funk

We’re following Barista Magazine’s pasteboard as editors Ken and Sarah travel around Colombia before the Big Bad Bogota Barista Championship of the World. There’s freeze-dried coffee factory, a Juan Valdez theme park, ubiquitous finca photos and so much more. Sarah, this picture of Jay Caragay is priceless.


  1. Sarah Allen

    1 June

    Hey Liewellyn, you sassy girl,

    Thanks for the shout out. It’s actually just Ken in Colombia — I’m headed to Coffee Fest San Diego for the weekend. I hear there will be a screen set up at Coffee Fest so we can watch the WBC live! Can’t wait!

    Blog love,

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