Earvin “Magic” Johnson Shocks Fans, Re...

Earvin “Magic” Johnson Shocks Fans, Retires From Starbucks

Breaking news from the world of NBA coffee franchises:

Starbucks Corp. said Thursday that it has bought out Magic Johnson Enterprises’ half of their joint venture Urban Coffee Opportunities, which has opened more than 100 Starbucks stores in city neighborhoods nationwide since 1998.

Basketball Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson said in the statement that the effort validates inner city residents’ brand loyalties, and his company, Magic Johnson Enterprises, plans to continue working with Starbucks on community development.

Magic In The Cup, No Longer

Fans may remember Magic Johnson’s work on bar in a succession of NBA Championship runs for the Starbucks franchise. Johnson’s assists were key in leading the 1981-82 morning shift staff to an NBA title, in contests against saw fluid demitasse movement between Johnson (register), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (bar), as well as several spectacular behind-the-back passes to 6th man Bob McAdoo (chimp shift). Later in his career, Johnson worked as a shift leader with Horace Grant (Center, pour-overs) and James Worthy (3-point threat, employee cuppings), resulting in another series of Championship rings.

Johnson’s reign at Starbucks is perhaps best remembered for repeated show-downs with several  Larry Bird-owned Tully’s locations.

Sprudge hot tipper Emily would like our readers to know that the Magic Johnson’s Starbucks down on Crenshaw is kind of terrifying, but the nearby Magic Johnson’s TGIFridays location is “the best pickup spot in south LA”.


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