Welsh Customer Mistakes Coffee Shop For Starbucks

Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee megacorp both defines and defiles the second wave, have proved to world yet again that they know how to walk the heartless tightrope: they’re branching out to bring themselves out of a decade-long slump while at the same time getting back to their roots:

Coffee chain giant Starbucks has told a small village cafe to take down its sign after complaining that it was similar to its own logo.

“We were recently contacted by a customer telling us that they had gone into Boulders Coffee Lounge in Borth, Wales, because they believed it was a Starbucks store and were disappointed to find that it was not.

We have asked the coffee shop to change its logo to make it clear that it is not a Starbucks to avoid this situation happening again.”

If history proves accurate, a Starbucks outlet will soon open across the street from Boulders Coffee Lounge. Howard Schultz and Co. will then buy out the building that houses Boulders Coffee Lounge, kick out all the tenants, and purchase the most popular sports team in Wales for the express purpose of running them into the ground.


  1. Mark says

    Regardless of the inherent evil-ness at Starbucks, that logo is a direct rip off. Starbucks is not overstepping their bounds to ask them to change it.

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