Brooklyn Based Craft Coffee Gets Bust’d

Coming in via the “Blogs Read By Cool Girls We Know” desk, Molly Simms of Bust Magazine has written a glowing little write-up of Craft Coffee, a NYC-based specialty coffee subscription service who we feel are among the best in the business. Carefully curated under the knowing nose of Sam Lewontin (also of Everyman Espresso, interviewed here by Sprudge under the influence of caffeine, alcohol, and infinite promise for the future), Craft Coffee’s November shipment was a noteworthy roaster roster indeed, featuring coffees from MadCap Coffee (Grand Rapids), Water Avenue Coffee (Portland), and Gimme! (New York). Better still, Craft Coffee have received perhaps the greatest possible compliment from Bust, w/r/t their subscription services:

“it’s way cheaper than a daily Starbucks/Stumptown habit, and way more fun.”

You, too, can be “fierce, funny, and proud to be female” like the staff of Bust, by simply cruising over to Craft Coffee and signing up for a subscription. (Ed note: your impending ferocity and hilarity is not guaranteed, nor gender constrained.)

Photo by Jonathan Meter for Bite Sized Blog



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