Counter Culture Trade-Up Photo Reveal!

It happened. The Great Counter Culture Coffee Chicago Brewer Trade-Up is in the books, with more than 50 souls walking away with a Bonmac, some filters, a little training, and a newly validated sense of self-worth. Today the folks at C4 posted photo booth “Before” shots on their Flickr account, and who can resist a good caption contest? Here’s some of our favorites. (Ed. note: these captions are applicable only PRIOR to trade-up. We’re sure all these people looked infinitesimally more urbane and bespoke after ditching their Mr. Dorkus Home Brewers.


  1. DG says

    Wait!  Pic #8 is a Melitta 4 cup BCM-4.  That’s not a BAD autodrip.  It gets hot enough…  I’d still take the Bonmac, anyway.

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