Coffee Schmuck of the Week: Alec Baldwin

Coffee Schmuck of the Week: Alec Baldwin

What a schmuck!

Alec Baldwin, star of such classics as The Edge, Mini’s First Time, Great Balls of Fire and Cats & Dogs, just tweeted:

“Starbucks on 93 and B’Way. Uptight Queen barista named JAY has an attitude problem,”

Listen up, queen. Only two kinds of people can say “queen” and get away with it: strong, beautiful drag queens and savvy homosexual bloggers (and occasionally Tyra Banks). We agree to take back your Schmuck of the Week shit crown if you agree to work Jay’s next busy bar shift. The weird orders, the triple pumps, the extra whips, the double cups: you shall graciously bend over backwards with aplomb, lest some jerk on Twitter with over a million followers call you out by name. Until all that goes down, you’re officially our Coffee Schmuck of the Week (Emeritus Grade).


  1. Casey

    10 September

    I’m sorry, we can’t take offense at every term. Queen is a slur? Any prissy, effeminate person with a harsh attitude fits the bill – male, female, straight or gay. Is it a bit of an insult? Yeah, it is, but not necessarily a gay slur that warrants calling someone a schmuck.

    Yes, I am family.

  2. Allison

    9 September


  3. bosco

    9 September

    homophobia is schmucky in all its forms, especially from public figures, ESPECIALLY over twitter.

  4. John

    9 September

    Unless you were there as an eye-witness to this event, you’re the schmuck for posting this. What if Jay the barista actually did have an attitude problem? Only people that aren’t celebrities can tweet about a bad experience they had? You’re way too quick to make fun of anyone that you can. And if Alec Baldwin is in the wrong… well, he has plenty of bad movies already so you don’t really need to do anything else about it.

  5. Joe

    9 September

    I agree, just because you’re working a busy shift doesn’t give you the priviledge or an excuse to be an unmitigated asshat.

  6. Evan

    9 September

    Why is he a schmuck for pointing out the obvious?

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