Coffee Confidential Tweet Of The Day

Sometimes new Twitter users come along and make a splash, or cause a stir, or make us want to jump for joy. But then there’s the truly special new Twitter users: the kind who capture your heart and melt your mind. Meet @CoffeeConfidant – a Sarasota, Florida based tour de force of philosophical wonder, ecstatic enthusiasm, and cultish devotion to his self-espoused credo of “Coffeeism”.

We’re scared that, much like Roger from “American Dad”, we’re going to get to the bottom of @CoffeeConfidant and discover it’s actually us. But until that happens, this guy is our favorite Coffee Twitter Personality ever, and he’s only been online since July 4th. His tweets are shocking, outrageous, beautiful, poetic, occasionally nightmarishly dystopian, and always utterly captivating.

Expect regular @CoffeeConfidant updates right here on, and follow him on Twitter immediately.