Coffee Common x TED Call For Roasters

Roasters of the world – are you single and looking? What if we told your dream account was just one click away? This your chance to rep your coffee company in a one-of-a-kind setting: the upcoming Coffee Common service at TED 2012. Your coffee will be served by some of the best baristas on earth. Violinists, political prisoners, brain scientists, novelists, academics, business leaders, and Bill Clinton will be your new regulars. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not; roasters are now eligible to apply for inclusion at the next Coffee Common event:

If selected, roasters will be asked to provide the following: 200 lbs of a single roast of a single coffee, which will be prepared in brew methods like handcrafted drip, espresso, siphon pot and aeropress. $1000 financial support which will be used to cover a dinner for baristas To apply, please complete the following form and mail a 12 ounce sample of the coffee…

Full listing available here. All submissions are due by February 8th.


  1. swagv

    2 February

    TED would be great — if you want to dance like monkeys for a group of intellectual posers for their entertainment.

  2. Gourmet Coffee

    31 January

    This sounds like a great opportunity to get some recognition for top roasters. But Pete is right that it is not for the everyday roasters. Just the cost of 200lb of some top quality beans and your starting to add up the costs. We are a new roaster and have a wonderful selection but this is a little steep for advertising right now for us. The big corporations should not have to hard of a time entering. I will be looking forward to the coffee common service at TED 2013. Will be on the lookout for something good to enter in the cupping.

    • Sean Bonner

      31 January

      Part of the point is that TED is *just one* of many events that Coffee Common does, and the only one tied to another event – our other Coffee Common events (at Prufrock in London and A Startup Store in NYC) have been singular in purpose. Our plan is to continue that in 2012 and onward. In the same way that TED isn’t for every single person, TED isn’t for every single roaster. But some of our other events cater to different people, and different roasters.

  3. Pete

    30 January

    To clarify — isn’t Coffee Common charging for coffee at TED? If so, something doesn’t sit right about asking for $1000 on top of 200 lb. — the big guys can swing this, but for any of the dozens of smaller progressive roasters out there, that’s an investment that begins to stretch the bounds of reasonability.

    • Sean Bonner

      30 January

      No, all coffee inside TED is free for the attendees.

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