Classic Rock Coffee: Single Origins, Double Guitar Solos


At Classic Rock Coffee Company we take great pride in sourcing great tasting coffees. Lots of companies roast coffee beans, but we rock the roaster. Our beans are literally infused with classic rock music during the roasting process.


This Cup of Excellence coffee? It’s literally infused with classic rock music during the roasting process in Nixa, Montana. All this and more courtesy of the fine folks at Classic Rock Coffee – we assure you, we’re not making this up. We’re absolutely thrilled that such a place exists and can’t wait to get our hands on it!

The website is ludicrously flash-based (sorry, iPhone users) but does offer a tasteful sampling of classic rock, meant to reference the act of imbibing CRC beverages. We enjoyed AC/DC’s perennial classic “Have A Drink On Me” while perusing their bean blends, and learned how to enjoy our coffee better at home thanks to their “Sound Check / Tuning” brew guide. Want to find out more about single origin offerings? “Take a Solo”! We’re particularly fond of the “Distortions” section.

This is really happening! Enjoy!


Twitter! Their latest tweet? “Sippin our Kenya AA Gaturine Estate … This Coffee Rocks!”

(Keep an eye out for CRC at Carl Mundy’s chain of bikini barista kiosks, pending his latest divorce settlement)

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