Chris Farley, Flavor Crystals, Slow News Week

Chris Farley, Flavor Crystals, Slow News Week

This man’s reaction is entirely reasonable. And yes, for the record, we also can’t believe it took so long for us to think of running this on Sprudge.

You’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Judge The USBC When You’re Living In A Van Down By The River

  1. Christian

    11 August

    What’s weird is how that guy at the beginning looks a little like Andrew Barnett!

  2. Hunt

    23 July

    Oh, the pure innocent genius or Chris Farley.

  3. Logan Potts

    23 July

    Lesson learned: Don’t slip those decaff shots on customers even if they are in 32oz big gulp cups, because you just never know what will happen.

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