Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 12/16/2012


It seems trivial and inappropriate for us to sum up last week without mentioning the unfathomable tragedy in Connecticut. Our grief and sadness for the families affected goes beyond words. Coffee enthusiasts have proven themselves time and time again to be charitable, giving members of society. Today we ask that you consider giving to two … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Week In Review for 12/9/2012


Our delightful intern Joanna Han presents another Weekly Weekend Week In Review. Grinder Gift Guide: Do your parents still ignorantly use their old KRUPS blade grinder? Do your BFFs still buy their beans pre-ground because they don’t even know there’s another option? Look no further for a gift solution than the list of ten great coffee grinders … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 11/17/2012


Joanna Han recaps our week in coffee on Sprudge.com. Follow her on Twitter @joannakarenina, Instagram, and check out her blog Joanna Karenina on Blogspot.  Dinner (And Decaf!) At Feast Portland: Earlier this fall, Sprudge.com co-founder Jordan Michelman was invited to covere the Stumptown Coffee event at Bon Appetit’s Feast Portland. In the … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 11/10/12


Our intrepid intern Joanna Han (@joannakarenina) succinctly recaps our wild and wacky week. Do you follow her on Instagram? Her photography is really quite delightful. And yes, she is definitely a real person.  Sprudge LIVE!: Are you following @SprudgeLive on Twitter yet? It’s our brand new Twitter handle dedicated exclusively to live … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 11/3/2012


Presented by Joanna Han, our trusty intern, whose ability to file in time for Saturday morning is truly unparalleled. Halloween & Hurricanes: Hurricane Sandy had a big impact on the east coast this week, but the worst is definitely over, and we've been heartened to watch how folks across the region have come together to support each other … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 10/27/2012


Like clockwork, every Saturday our intrepid intern Joanna Han (@joannakarenina) provides us with a delightful run-down of the best in This Week's Sprudgery. We are going to write her such a nice letter of rec someday. Enjoy! Let’s Talk Pergamino: While in Medellin, Colombia earlier this month for the Let’s Talk Coffee conference, your Sprudge … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 10/20/2012


Our Scandinavia-obsessed, Portland-based intern Joanna Han publishes this gorgeous photo blog and tweets as @joannakarenina. Don't just compliment us on her weekly recap posts; share the love with her on Twitter. Think of it as Direct Trade. Nordic Roaster Forum: The sold-out Nordic Roaster Forum is happening this weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 10/13/12


Our intern always files on time, and it's the greatest thing ever, because good lord by gosh, we've been super busy. Joanna Han = the unrivaled best intern in coffee web "Journalism" history. The (Incomplete) Unimportance Of Brew Methods: Earlier this week we highlighted a post by John Martin of Intelligentsia called “The Unimportance Of Brew … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 10/6/2012


It has been a massively busy week for your Sprudge.com editors - who knew "doing journalism" would be so much darn work! This week's WWWIR is brought to you by our trusty intern, Joanna Han, with edits and additions made live from a converted ranchero estate somewhere in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. Take it away, Joanna! Let’s Talk Coffee … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 9/30/2012


Our most commonly asked question these days: "Is your intern actually real?" Yes, Joanna Han is definitely a real person who works for us, and she's great. Follow her on Twitter. Sirens Invade Scandinavia: That magical region of the world known as Scandinavia had managed to stay Starbucks-free for an impressively long time (Norway’s first … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 9/23/2012


Joanna Han is Sprudge.com's first-ever Real Live Unpaid Intern! Follow her on Twitter, and check out some of her cool photography on Bon Appetit! Good Coffee x Good Design: Good coffee loves a handsome contraption, so we had Sprudge.com staff writer Alex Bernson introduce three new coffee products “with design realness.” But wait, there's more. … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 9/15/2012


We assure you, she's real! Follow our intern Joanna Han on Twitter @joannakarenina. The Week In Coffee Diaries: Dallis Bros Coffee’s John Moore was sent to Burundi to participate in the first-ever Cup of Excellence and has documented his adventures in an excellent diary series; FRSHGRND’s Aaron Fray updated his blog with a review of Malmö’s Te och … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 9/8/2012


A look back at the week in coffee news, sourced by Sprudge's first-ever real live intern, Joanna Han! Village Voice: A few weeks ago, barista/tortured writer/accidental "Shit Barista's Say" impression Shane Barnes sounded off about customers in an editorial published in the Village Voice, entitled “How Not To Order An Espresso.” Sprudge.com was … [Read more...]

Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 9/1/2012


Meet our brand new intern, Joanna Han! Unlike our many other avatars, we assure you, she's real. Ms. Han will be providing us with weekly recaps of Sprudge content and assorted web ephemera each Saturday through the end of 2012. Stumptown’s Sparkling New HQ Now Open: The day before Stumptown Coffee Roasters held the grand opening ceremony of … [Read more...]