Watch This Ridiculous Video Right Now – “Good Morning From Cafe Imports”

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Welcome to one of the more surreal, absurdist, and yet strangely believable coffee videos you will see in your life. Filmed over the course of one evening by director Jake Szymanski, with original concept by Joe Marrocco and Noah Namowicz, this video will serve as Cafe Imports' commercial on the big video monitors at the 2014 United States Barista … [Read more...]

Beautiful, Complex, Haunting: A Short Film About Coffee And Eritrea

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"Being careful about such rituals is key to evoking happy memories and protecting them from dying off." The intense sensual appeal and romance of coffee is an experience that is capable of transcending all cultures and borders. "Mom's Coffee," a video from director Ridwhan Jamal of The Flying Camel, captures that truth beautifully in its … [Read more...]

Louis CK And Jerry Seinfeld Drink Cappuccinos On A Yacht


The third season of the Emmy-nominated and Sprudgie Award-winning web-series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee kicked off today. In each episode, the series features a funny guest, a new car, and a new coffee location. We've featured the show several times on Sprudge in the past, and today's premiere features guest Louis CK, who rides along with … [Read more...]

PrepFest 2013: Barista Competition Meets Pop-Up Video


December 26th-31th, is revisiting some of our favorite stories from the very exciting past year in coffee. Enjoy! The 2013 United States Barista Championship circuit is heating up, and is here to bring you best-in-the-business live coverage and event preview goodness from throughout this year's competition cycle.. To … [Read more...]

Hey Girl Guide To Coffeeing Is The Best Video You’ll Watch All Day

Maria Hill drinks a milkshake. (Facebook)

Los Angeles based blogger and coffee icon Maria Hill stars in a brand-new series called "Hey Girl" and it's a lot of fun. The series is a collaboration between Ms. Hill and esteemed videoist Nicholas Cho. The first episode, "Guide To Coffeeing", takes place at Cognescenti Coffee in Culver City and takes the viewer on a crash-course in "third wave" … [Read more...]

This K-Pop Coffee Music Video Is Brilliant And Strange

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There's uh, there's not a whole lot more we can say by way of introduction, other than you have to watch this music video right now. Kim Hyung-jun is a member (some say "the leader) of a once very popular Korean boy band SS501, who blew up back in the mid-2000s. The individual guys in SS501 have moved on to solo projects, which has included … [Read more...]

Coffee’s Beautiful Transit: A Kenyan Film By Verve Coffee Roasters

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There's a new video up today from our friends and partners at Verve Coffee Roasters, and it's a head spinning, eye-catching, perpetual pan look inside coffee production in Kenya, to be watched on the biggest screen you have. This video shows how coffee is harvested, milled, stored, cupped, and transported to the big city for export, and takes the … [Read more...]

[Video] A Peek Inside Colombia’s Famed Los Naranjos

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Sam Miller shot this beautiful video for our partners at Cafe Imports entirely on a Fujifilm X100 camera. It's captures a typical day at Los Naranjos in Colombia. The coffee from this growing association is truly legendary - it appeared on the table at our Colombiana Cupping at Milstead & Co in Seattle last year, and farms from the association … [Read more...]

[Video] Make A Great Cup Of Coffee With Tim Wendelboe & Creative Mornings


What does it take to make a great cup of coffee? Tim Wendelboe whittles down the dirty details in around 80 slides during this fifteen minute talk. Impressive! This all went down at Oslo's first CreativeMornings at Mesh Cafe. Creative Mornings hosts informal breakfast lectures worldwide, with different monthly themes - the theme last month was … [Read more...]

6 Things We Learned (Over Coffee) With Comedy Legend Don Rickles

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Season Two is well under way (if you haven't started watching, catch up over at Crackle). So far in the web series' second season, Jerry Seinfeld has gone on coffee dates with Sarah Silverman, David Letterman, and the "French Jerry Seinfeld" Gad Elmaleh. This week's episode features the legendary 87-year-old … [Read more...]

Diego Stocco’s “Huge Coffee” Is The Coolest Video Of The Week (So Far)

Italian-born sound designer and composer Diego Stocco has created a coffee brewing symphony for your viewing and listening pleasure. Mr. Stocco recorded this piece using specially designed liquid-resistant microphones; "I didn't drink that coffee," Diego told us via email. "The temperature actually melted the waterproof mics inside the cup (the … [Read more...]

“Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” Returns June 13

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  David Letterman asks Jerry Seinfeld, "You're not drinking coffee unless you're drinking it black, don't you think?" Seinfeld hastily replies, "No, I don't think." And then boom, Letterman quips, "Oh, so you like to monkey with it?" (Where's that t-shirt?) The second season of the Sprudgie Award Winning Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Exclusive WBC Videos You Didn’t Get To See!


Our video content wing is ever-expanding - why, just have a look up above at this facsimile rendering of our ultra-secure SE Portland Video Command Bunker®. Yes, truly is an enterprise on the grow. We now boast more than 100 videos on our SprudgeEditors Youtube channel, and we're only getting started! What kinds of … [Read more...]

Finally! A Third Wave Coffee Rom-Com [Video]

Passed over to us yesterday morning by Coffeed founder & Sprudge Hot Tipper Alistair Durie, this specialty coffee themed romantic comedy has EVERYTHING. Beautiful Irish hunks. Romantic foibles. Pretentious coffee tasting moments. Here's a plot abstract from CineCoup: Liam & Sé love their lives in Lahinch, Ireland: following their … [Read more...]

[Video] Kenya’s Dormans – The Coffee Export Experts

Because you need to watch a coffee video today, here's a great one from Dormans, a premiere coffee trading company based in Kenya. The video was created by What Took You So Long?, a fascinating "guerilla filmmaking" outfit whose travels have taken them "from Mauritania to Mongolia, through Papua New Guinea, and with a detour to Central America." … [Read more...]