#BCRBC Round One Day One Schedule – South and North Regions


This schedule is for Round One, Day One at the 2013 Big Central Regional Barista Competition, which includes entries from the North Central region (ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, WI, IL, IN, MI) and the South Central region (KS, MO, OK, TX, AR, LA, MS). Competitors from both fields compete throughout the weekend in non-overlapping routines, so from performer … [Read more...]

Coffee Legend George Howell Profiled In Boston Magazine

George Howell photo by Miller Mobley for “Back to the Grind”

Boston Magazine has an epic profile of George Howell in their December issue, and it is definitely well-worth your 5 pages of reading time. The article is a revealing look at the past, present and future of Mr. Howell, a Boston idol and high priest of the bean... At various times, Howell has been called an “idol,” a “god,” and the “high priest” of … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Can Caffeine Improve Verbal Positivity?


A study on how caffeine affects the brain's left hemisphere has just been published by PLOS ONE, an open, interactive online science journal. Finally! Both analyses, the signal detection approach and the mixed-effect logistic regression agreed in the fact that caffeine affects performance in the affective lexical decision task. It is evident … [Read more...]

Chicago: New Gotham, Counter Culture Raise Memorial $$ For Bikes To Rwanda


  Thursday Night Throwdowns happen in cities all over the United States, all over the world in fact, each bringing with them the excitement and intrigue that can only come from evenings spent milk froth knickerbocking for cold hard cash. All of the milk must be put in the cups; your renumeration is rent money and / or glory. The latte art … [Read more...]

Nashville: Dose Coffee Triennial Party


Nashville! Party down with dose. Coffee & Tea this Sunday, September 9th, to celebrate their third year in business. Party starts at 3PM and features free espressos, chocolate tastings, and tea slurping. The folks at dose. are celebrating their three year anniversary so if you're in the area, stop on by. We love three year anniversaries because … [Read more...]

UPDATE: SCAE World In Coffee Finals?


This post has been updated as archived videos become available and winners are confirmed. Stick with Sprudge for continued updates throughout the day! [UPDATE 2 - 11:59AM PST] Flash forward to 24:10 to see the epic final moments of the World Cup Tasters finals. Listen to Alf Kramer giggle like a school girl for twenty unstoppable … [Read more...]

PhD Student And Home Barista Uses Has Bean, Wins 2011 World Brewers Cup


"I am not a coffee professional. I have been warned against saying this, but I'm an amateur. Ireland, as a country, has a long history of amateur participation in sports. For some odd reason, we love abusing ourselves and putting ourselves through grueling sporting events for no apparent reason. Except for one: passion." Keith O'Sullivan has … [Read more...]

June 24th El Salvador COE Public Cupping: Pupusas, Beer, and You.

Some solid upcoming coffee fun to be had for residents of the Twin Cities: St. Paul-based green gurus Cafe Imports will be hosting an El Salvador Cup Of Excellence microlot extravaganza in their Energy Park HQ, including El Salvador SOE shots on a Synesso and Salvadoran beer and food. Can you say pupusas? If you can, read on: To celebrate the new … [Read more...]

Alternative Headlines For The 2011 WBC Champions

In keeping with longstanding Sprudge tradition, we put our heads together prior to the Sunday announcements in Bogota and pre-wrote potential headlines for each of the 6 finalists. While Alejandro Mendez of El Salvador ultimately prevailed in taking home the gold, all 6 competitors turned in positively world-class performances on Sunday - trust … [Read more...]

Sprudge “Excellence In Journalistic Standards” Exclusive: The Lost JimSeven Podcast From Bogota


Like the "Lost Levels" from Super Mario Bros. 2, we're proud to make public that which perhaps would have been best left private. In this exclusive to Sprudge.com, listen below for the lost JimSeven Podcast live from the WBC in Bogota, Colombia. In it, Mr. Hoffmann interviews Günter von Beetleschwiessen III, Creative Director of the 2012 SCAE … [Read more...]

Report From Bogota: Randal H. Bodom, Lost In The K-Cup K-Hole…


Ooof, what time is it? Did they announce the big winner yet? Wait, what DAY is it, and where IS everybody? Ugh, this weekend was a real doozy. Hiiiiiiiiii! Randy here, dusting off the debris from last night's all-nighter here in Bogota...or was it the night before? I completely lost track of time down here. I mean, I guess that's what happens … [Read more...]

Your 2011 WBC Finalists Are…

Here's your 6 WBC Finalists for 2011, complete with tomorrow's order and competition times (UTC/GMT -5 hours): 1. Javier Garcia of Spain - 12:15 2. Miki Suzuki of Japan - 12:45 3. Matt Perger of Australia - 1:15 4. Alejandro Mendez of El Salvador - 1:45 5. John Gordon of the UK - 2:15 6. Pete Licata of the USA - 2:45 Watch the … [Read more...]