Strand Your Ground: NYT On New Cafes From Stumptown & Intelligentsia


Though gone are the days of his well-loved T Magazine online column "Ristretto", Oliver Strand continues to serve as The Coffee Writer of Note at The Newspaper of Record. In his latest feature - not in the Diner's Journal, mind you, but in the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times proper - Mr. Strand goes exploring at two of New York … [Read more...]

Oliver Strand’s Ristretto Pulled By New York Times


A primal wail rose up across the specialty coffee Twittersphere today, as New York Times T Magazine contributor and Sprudgie Award winner Oliver Strand announced that the latest T Magazine "Ristretto" column would be his last. Ristretto first appeared on January 22, 2010 with a feature on the trend of manual pour overs popping up in New York … [Read more...]

French Kiss: The NYT’s Parisian Strand Job


After slurping and schlepping all over Paris, a city he clearly dearly loves, Oliver Strand has proudly released this shortlist of recommended cafes for the City of Lights: Finally, Paris has a coffee scene. The city has always been the paradox of the industry, a great cafe town where an otherwise discerning audience happily throws back watery … [Read more...]