Sprudge Guides Seattle: Chief Sealth, Tiny Mummies, And The Coffee City of Yesterday…Today!


“You guys are from Seattle? No wonder you write about coffee!” We’ve heard it hundreds of times. Never from friends in the industry, baristas, cafe owners, roasters or journalists, mind you – they’ve long-since learned that specialty coffee has no home base these days, no anchor city to speak of, and that the best roasters, cafes […]

#NOLAWeek: Laissez Le Bon Temps Brew


We really do love New Orleans. The food, the people, the lingo, the architecture, and long afternoons letting it all hang out poolside at the Country Club…what’s not to love? The cuisine alone reads like Western Civ primer, drawing influences from France, Spain, the Caribbean, French-Canadian Acadian settlers, Italy, and increasingly in recent times, the […]

#NOLAWeek: Antoine’s Annex


There may be no name, no place more closely associated with dining in New Orleans than Antoine Alciatore’s palace of French Creole cuisine, located on 713 St. Louis in the heart of the French Quarter. Antoine’s has appeared in films, been the setting of novels, and seen its history lovingly documented by Anthony Bourdain’s “No […]

#NOLAWeek: Cafe Du Monde If I Do!


Cafe Du Monde, a veritable Versailles of dark roasted coffee with chicory, beignet pastries with an overload of powdered sugar, and a living piece of New Orleans history. Cafe Du Monde opened its Decatur Street location in 1862; it may well be the oldest coffee house in America. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 […]