5 Regional Food & Coffee Pairings You’ve Gotta Try


Food and coffee. Made for each other? Or made better next to each other? Turns out many cities around the world have their own take on the matter, and we've put a few together for you in this here listicle. But fair warning: ain't none of this too fancy. Our selections aren't "high end," but if you're too "Third Wave" to enjoy any of the following, … [Read more...]

8 Foods That Were Practically Made For Coffee


Coffee and food stuffs are, more often than not, a match made in sensory heaven. And while high-end restaurants are increasingly teaming up with specialty coffee roasters for tastings, dinners, and degustation bonanzas, we thought we'd put together a list of our favorite daily coffee & food pairings. Get snacking. 8. Beignets - Oh good … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Endorses The Single Cup Pod Machines


Sign of end times? An unstoppable force? The future of coffee? Call it what you will, but whatever it is, it's happening - and happening at an alarming rate. Single cup machines are huge. The Wall Street Journal today offered up a real doozy of a piece on the wonders of the new pod machines, with a full page spread in the "Personal Journal" … [Read more...]

Piece Of Cake! Finally, A Coffee Analogy We Can Chew On


Finally! A coffee analogy we can sink our teeth into. You got a friend who wants to learn more about coffee? Tell them it's a piece of cake! This slice of wisdom comes from HomeBarista user GVDub: I've had a certain amount of success with an analogy to baked goods, at least regarding bean freshness and storage. You wouldn't want to bake a cake, … [Read more...]