Now Roasting: The French Press In Santa Barbara


A humble cafe can turn an impersonal city block into a village center. The best cafes - my favorite cafes - are places where people recognize one another, find comfort, and connect with each other, or simply to the single origin Guatemala they take back to their car. The city of Santa Barbara is lucky enough to have one such city center, a cafe … [Read more...]

A Gradually Shifting Seasonal Espresso Series


    Launched this week by our friends and partners at Ceremony Coffee, meet "Asymmetries", a seasonal espresso series that's quite unlike anything we've ever seen. It starts with two Ethiopian coffees: Wazzala, a washed coffee from ECX coffee grown in the Yirgacheffe region, and Worka, a natural process coffee from a famed … [Read more...]

Roseline Coffee: Portland’s Brand New Microroaster


Hanna Neuschwander is the author of Left Coast Roast, and a regular contributor to Portland Monthly, Edible Seattle, and Willamette Week. She is also the managing editor of Democracy & Education, a scholarly journal published by Portland's Lewis & Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling. This is her first feature for … [Read more...]