Breaking: 600,000 Steam Spurting Mr. Coffees Recalled!


There are 61 reports of consumers getting a face full of steam and single-cup coffee sprudge, prompting the fine folks at Jarden to recall 600,000 Mr. Coffee units. That's a lot of units! In the last year, this is the third such case of a schlocky coffee manufacturer recalling their schlocky coffee makers. From the LA Times: The products, which … [Read more...]

Burning Down The Coffee House


Nearly one million GE coffee makers were recalled this week by Walmart. The machines "are manufactured not by GE, but by a company in China using the GE trademark under license." The recall was announced Thursday, May 20. Walmart officials said the 12-cup maker is subject to overheating and is to blame for 83 reported kitchen fires, burns to the … [Read more...]