Tim Wendelboe Has A New Book, All About A Farm In Colombia


Tim Wendelboe is the consummate coffee professional: he's the 2004 World Barista Champion; we're partners with his eponymous and internationally renowned coffee roaster in Oslo, Norway; and he's the author of one of the most accessible, comprehensive books out there on preparing and enjoying quality coffee. Over the last few years, his namesake … [Read more...]

New Book “Coffee Crazy” Is Clearly Crazy, About Coffee


Advanced reviews are pouring in for Robert Galinsky's Coffee Crazy, available now in print and e-book. Galinsky, creator of Coffee The Musical, tapped the brains of celebrities, rock stars, dot com billionaires, Black Panthers, David Hasselhoff, the world's foremost "tanorexic" YouTube celebrity, and even Your Sprudge Editors for a collection of … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbrew: Blue Bottle’s Book Is Now Available


After months of anticipation, 20-50 verbal inquiries per day at their retail outlets, and one tremendously hunty critical essay from Josh Ozersky, today marks the official release of Blue Bottle Coffee's much-anticipated new book. Titled "The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee", written by James Freeman, Caitlin Freeman, and Tara Duggan, and published by … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbrew: Left Coast Roast Event In San Francisco


Following up on our Left Coast Roast coverage from August, the book's author, Hanna Neuschwander, will be hosting a "reading" and Coffee 101 demo next week in San Francisco. This event kicks off at 6pm on Monday, October 15th, and is being hosted at the Coffee Bar SF location in Potrero Hill (1890 Bryant Street). Sprudge spoke briefly about the … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbrew: “Coffee Life In Japan” Met With Praise


A new book on Japanese coffee culture is now available from ethnographic anthropologist Merry White, and has earned positive acclaim from some of our favorite coffee bloggers. Titled "Coffee Life In Japan" and available in paperback or hard cover, White's book sounds pretty gosh darn fascinating, as Liz Clayton over at Serious Eats concurs: While … [Read more...]