Barista Doo-Wop Queen Out On “The Steve Harvey Show”


Steve Harvey is one fine looking speci-man. Look at his strong shoulders, his sculpted features, his burly mustache. Oomph. He funny too. In one recent episode, fine Mr. Harvey sent a camera crew to Chicago's Robust Coffee Lounge to film barista Phil Sipka, as he belts out an "I quit" song with a doo-wop group! Phil Sipka looks like a … [Read more...]

7 Bond Villains That Would Appreciate The $450 Starbucks Gift Card


Hot on the heels of their much-maligned $7 cup of premium Geisha coffee, Starbucks has announced the release of this $450 Metallic Super Gift Card Device. We think the Metallic Super Gift Card Device (MSGCD) would make the perfect gift for the Bond villain on your holiday shopping list. Here's the top seven Bond villains/henchman/assorted … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Love Letters For New York City Baristas Pour In


  New York City baristas, expect something special in your work stockings this holiday season. The folks at More Love Letters have just concluded their submission campaign for real live pen to paper letters that will be delivered to baristas throughout Manhattan during the second week of December! Here's some more from those bunch of … [Read more...]

Minneapolis: Dark Roasted Coffee On eBay? That’s Cray Cray


Meet Cray Cray Coffee, the new coffee brand out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cray Cray Coffee and its associates, the Cray Cray Coffee Crew, have but one shared goal: to "make your mouth sing notes of cray cray", while also making good use of some overstock Burundi Kiryama. Here's more from Cray Cray on eBay: The Cray-Cray Coffee Crew in Minneapolis … [Read more...]

Some People Call It Art: Putting Weird Things In Coffee


You want cream and sugar with your coffee? Boring! There is a blog on the Internet dedicated to outrageous coffee additives that make for some curious concoctions! It's been around for quite sometime but for some reason it's been off our radar! It's been around for awhile and we've got a lot of catching up to do. How about putting blood sausage … [Read more...]

TresPlace In Cyberspace With Portland’s Coava Coffee Roasters

This video comes to the world from TresPlace, a new Portland-based blog whose manifesto contains this charming bon mot: "There are major search engines available where coffee shops could be found, but not known.  There is no great story being told, only objective information and crowd sourced material. We are discouraged by the content … [Read more...]

Name That Brew: A Contest That’s Taylor Maid For You!


Have you ever dreamed of naming an espresso blend? It would be weird if you had - you ought to be dreaming about far more interesting things. But as far as your waking hours are concerned, having a chance to name an espresso blend actually sounds pretty cool. Turns out the folks at Taylor Maid Farms Coffee & Tea - recently featured at our … [Read more...]

Teagarden By Kaleidyspro': Billy Corgan Opens Chicago Cafe


  Via Eater Waver Wire: Chicago's suburban Ravinia neighborhood will soon play host to The Smashing Pumpkins front man / noted Tila Tequila dater Billy Corgan, whose hotly anticipated "1930s-style 30-seat Chinese tea house" is scheduled to open on this upcoming Thursday, Sept. 13th. The cafe is called "Madame ZuZu's," an unfortunate bit … [Read more...]

MugWatch: Get Mugged! Or, Your Mama’s So Mugly…


Coffee mugs: could they get more whimsical? The folks over at Incredible Things certainly think so. Normally the internet's premiere blog for slutty dog costumes and flasks that look like shampoo bottles, IT took some time to write up this beautiful concept mug designed by college student Tiago Goncalves. Retro video game mugs! So quirky! … [Read more...]