Denim Company Creates Perfect American Psycho Parody (Except For The Coffee Part)


Dutch jean company Denham The Jeanmaker collaborated with London creative agency Flickering Wall to create a near-perfect American Psycho parody. The Bret Easton Ellis novel, brought to life in 2000 in Mary Harron's film adaptation, has been reimagined in modern day hipster terms. Watch the video below (warning: violence and language toward the … [Read more...]

Kopi Luwak Exploitation: The Mainstream Media Catches On

This devastating image was taken by The Guardian at a civet farm in Indonesia.

The movement against kopi luwak just picked up a powerful new ally: Oliver Milman, a Melbourne-based journalist writing for UK giants The Guardian. This article published today and written by Mr. Milman amounts to a powerful indictment of kopi luwak and the practices used to obtain it. This feature pulls no punches in its denouncement of kopi … [Read more...]

Ugggh: NPR Tackles That Cat Poop Coffee Thing


Another article on Kopi Luwak is floating around the internets. It's just going to keep happening. The story of coffee via an animal's digestive tract sells. The latest is from Claire O'Neill from The Salt, NPR's food blog. To her credit, she interviews some smart folks, brings up most of the negative aspects of the product (animal cruelty, poor … [Read more...]