Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, And Larry David Walk Into A Coffee Bar


Perez Hilton reports that Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Larry David were spotted at Tom's Restaurant (2880 Broadway) in Manhattan's Upper West Side. The business was used as the exterior shots for Monk's on the television series Seinfeld, the gang's neighborhood coffee shop. PH reports that a camera crew was also sighted. Some speculate that … [Read more...]

Olympic Diver Tom Daley Jumping Into Latte Art


British diver and Olympic athlete Tom Daley has came out of the closet last week via Youtube, announcing that he has been in a relationship with a man since early this year. The internet is totally buzzing about this brave and courageous (and very public) announcement. Kudos, Mr. Daley, we here at Sprudge wish you many great successes in diving and … [Read more...]

An $125,000 Cup Of Coffee? Sure, If It’s With Apple’s CEO


Charity Buzz, some sort of charitable online celebrity dating/escort website, is selling meet-ups with some of Hollywood's (and Silicon Valley's) most eligible hunks (and Paula Deen!) for the The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights Spring 2013 Auction. Currently, you're able to have a glass of wine with Francis Ford Coppola for around $4,000 … [Read more...] Honored With Distinguished Publisher Award


You see that up there? That's the original concept drawing for, from all the way back in August of 2009, as doodled by Zachary Carlsen behind the bar at Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Pine Street location in Seattle. We're sharing this drawing with you today because just moments ago, the Specialty Coffee Association announced its list of … [Read more...]

NYC: Baristas, Bloomingdale’s, Brooklyn, and Bingo!


New York City is buzzing with events this weekend! NYC - where the "C" stand for coffee! There are two really cool coffee events happening on Saturday, November 10th - and to the untrained eye they seem to be clashing - but if you play your cards right you can make it to both and still have enough time for Le Bingo with Linda Simpson at Le Poisson … [Read more...]

Starbucks: The Little Engine That Could Make Lattes


Those crafty Swiss! According to a Redditor, "the world's first Starbucks on rails is currently being tested in Switzerland." The Swiss had once attempted to launch McDonalds dining cars onboard their trains. That plan was derailed and now they're choo choo choosing Schultz and Co. to create that Starbucks experience train-style. Make mine a … [Read more...]

South Africa: New Magazine Offers Up Free Subscriptions


Meet Iain Evans and Mel Winter, the editors of the new South African coffee magazine The Coffee Mag. Iain and Mel ask, "are you ready for the kick?" This website and magazine aims to be a platform for communication between the obsessive coffee professionals and the avid coffee drinkers, nurturing a growing coffee community and culture. Think about … [Read more...]

Bikini Barista Reality TV Is Totally Actually Happening


Todd Carmichael's Travel Channel TV show airs in just eight short weeks, and we've already got our DVRs set. But while we're waiting, there's another reality show on the horizon, recently given the green-light by noted reality TV production company A. Smith & Co. Baristas will be filmed in the Seattle area, and is slated to "follow the … [Read more...]

Shock Or Schmuck? Tennis Ump’s Coffee Mug Bludgeoning


Famed tennis referee Lois Goodman, 70, is behind bars and faces charges for murder with a coffee implement. Back in April, her husband Alan Goodman, 80, was found dead. Mrs. Goodman told police that he fell down the stairs, but the police weren't convinced, and now she's being charged with murder. Lois Goodman says she's looking forward to … [Read more...]

Chelsea Clinton Loves Coffee, Country, Political Destiny


If there's one thing Vogue Magazine is certain of, it's that Chelsea Clinton loves coffee. In the recent issue, Vogue profiles the younger Mrs. Clinton, and delves into the evolution of her policy beliefs, her electrifying public speechifying abilities, and perhaps most importantly, her battlefield delegation skills through all phases of the busy … [Read more...]

Awful Waffle: Florida Burners In Waffle House Mug Heist


There's a silver lining in every dark rain cloud, or so they say, and while we don't condone violence or theft, this is perhaps the greatest single headline of all time: "Woman Pours Coffee Over Woman's Head, Hands Back Cup, Punches Her." The scene is as follows: Two not particularly nice Waffle House customers in Niceville, Florida, attempted … [Read more...]

“Bunheads” Lampoons Specialty Coffee


"Bunheads" is a new American television series on ABC Family. It was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, whom we're obsessed with for her work on "Gimore Girls". Why are we flapping our gums about something called "Bunheads" you ask? The latest episode of starts with a scene lampooning specialty coffee. The lead, clearly doing a bad Lorelai Gimore … [Read more...]

29 Year Old Coffee Virgin Will Become Next Judd Apatow Vehicle


Meet Tracy Swartz, who writes about Chicago Transit Authority matters over at RedEye Chicago. She recently confessed that at 29, she was a coffee virgin. She's turning thirty soon and put the call out to readers at Twitter followers to recommend places in Chicago to get her very first cup of coffee. After a day's worth of … [Read more...]

These Olympic Divers Are Pooping Espresso


Let's face facts, people: We all have Olympic fever. Olympic internet memes are spinning out of control, invading our Facebook feeds, our Pinterest boards, our office cubicles, each one threatening precious seconds of productivity time. And that's not to mention the late-night Olympics binges, our sudden cultural expertise in handball and the like, … [Read more...]

That’s So Schomer! Veni, Vidi, Vivace Blog


Welcome to our newest feature: That's So Schomer! The editorial department here at TSS has but one mandate: to highlight Vivace owner and leading espressovangelist David Schomer and his wacky, raunchy blog. Caps lock WACK! Caps lock RAUNCH! David's not afraid to go there, people, and the other day? He went there! That's So Schomer! Where did he … [Read more...]