This V-12 Engine Espresso Machine Will Get You Guzzling


  South African espresso machine manufacturer Espresso Veloce has developed a line of coffee machines that emulate the look and feel of high-powered automobile engines. Car blogs are predictably buzzing. While the actual functionality of the machine remains fuzzy (as of publishing, we've not heard from Espresso Veloce, who may very well be … [Read more...]

These Are The Nerdiest Coffee Mugs In The Entire World


Are you buying gifts this year for a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious? Did you send your son off to a fancy East Coast college, only to be horrified to find out that he's become a nerd? Have no fear. There are a number of nerdy coffee mugs available for purchase on the internet, and we've compiled this … [Read more...]

College Nerds Invent Zero-Gravity Outer Space Coffee Cup


  Them kids gone done it again! Some egghead math wizards at Portland State University have invented a zero gravity coffee cup - and it's testing quite well with all variety of 'nauts, both Astro- and Cosmo. Local news affiliate KGW has the scoop: Sounds like this new cup is the perfect match for NASA's recently improved space coffee … [Read more...]

David Chang And Traci Des Jardins Drink Space Coffee

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.16.13 AM

The subject of space coffee sure is hot right, well, it's powdered, re-heated, and then hot, but whatever. Those crazy bunch of nutburgers over at the Tested have jumped into the space coffee game, bringing two of America's best chefs along for the ride. David Chang (Momofuku) and Tracy Des Jardins (Jardiniere) were flown down to the Space … [Read more...]

College Nerds Make Better Coffee In Outer Space


The International Space Station - currently orbiting our planet 230 miles away - is right at this very moment stocked with Hula Girl Freeze Dried instant coffee. You can buy a box of twelve Hula Girl Coffee freeze dried sachets for $8 plus shipping, so as to impress all of your friends by saying, "I only drink coffee that's also consumed in outer … [Read more...]

Why Did “The Hobbit” Spend $380,000 On Coffee? We Ask An Elf


The folks at Forbes Magazine recently reported that the cast and crew of "The Hobbit" consumed a mind-bending $380,000.00 USD worth of coffee on set. Impossible, you say? Extravagant, you might think? For more on this story, we turn to Sprudge contributor Joe Marrocco, green coffee sales dude and in-house roaster for Cafe Imports. Mr. Marrocco has … [Read more...]

Is This The Espresso Nerd Video Of The Year?


In continuing our well-documented love of nerds, have a look at this video from World Brewers Cup champion and Australian barista wunderkind Matt Perger, of St. Ali Coffee Roasters in Melbourne. This video has everything. "Haters gonna hate", odes to "sweet cremz", instructions to pause the video and read the lengthy analysis in the Vimeo … [Read more...]

A Nerdy Love Letter To Dogwood’s Roast Report


We love nerds. Nerds are a very, very important asset to the specialty coffee industry - for ANY industry, to be clear. Nerds push quality; nerds demand results. Nerds are why we have it so good these days, across all and sundry spectrums of modern life. We regard nerds very highly, perhaps in no small part because we are ourselves huge geeks, in … [Read more...]