Photography: When Kansas City Coffee Hunks Go Hiking


"Then, perched upon a snowbank overlooking the river, we made our coffee." It's the brambly, Calvin & Hobbes snow scene heart of winter in the American midwest, and that means plenty of scenery to chew on a manly hike amongst close friends. Photographer Bryant Callahan recently went on a snowy expedition in Kansas City with his brother … [Read more...]

World Barista Hunk Raul Rodas Travels To Taiwan


Read all about it, courtesy of Raul's Paradigma Coffee blog: Don’t be fooled by Taiwan – sure, culturally they are tea drinkers and their teas are absolutely amazing! We had the opportunity to do a “formal” tea tasting and were amazed by some of the similarities to coffee cupping and found some important differences. However, the teas were … [Read more...]

14 Reasons Why Baristas Need To Stop Wearing Shirts Under Vests


Listen up, baristas: The whole "I wear a vest to work" thing is getting tired, as in played out. It's time to kick it into high gear. We're talking about taking it to the next level. One word, two syllables: "shirtless". Here are fourteen reasons why we here at Sprudge think you should go shirtless beneath that vest in … [Read more...]

HunkShot: Hoop Dreams At Barista Nation Los Angeles


Just when we thought things couldn't get any hotter at Barista Nation LA, an impromptu shirts versus skins basketball game broke out between several of the attendees. What follows is a blue chip look at these gifted prospects and their love for the game. A little KISS...and it's Chris Baca! Raining threes from downtown! "What makes … [Read more...]

HunkShot™: A Right Stud On The Left Bank

Swoon! needs a moment to recover. Intrepid MSM gadabout Oliver Strand ran a feature today on the Parisian coffee scene in his NYT blog Ristretto. In it, Oliver confronts the common conception that coffee in Paris is among the worst in the world. Turns out some places in Gay Paree are getting it done: Frog Fight is organized by Thomas Lehoux … [Read more...]