“My Strange Addiction” Couple Hooked On Coffee Enemas


The Learning Channel will air an episode of their hit show "My Strange Addiction" about a young couple who are addicted to coffee enemas. Surprisingly enough, coffee enemas have never been discussed on Sprudge.com. What are coffee enemas, anyway? We sat down with Wikipedia and asked it some tough questions. Sprudge: Wikipedia, what is a … [Read more...]

6 Wrong Ways (And One Right Way) To Handle A Demitasse


In last Sunday's Seattle Times Health Q&A series, a concerned reader asked columnists Joe and Teresa Graedon if the ceramic cupwears at their neighborhood cafe could transmit nasty diseases, like the common cold, the seasonal flu, and what-have-you. This reader's cause for concern comes from this unfortunate cafe experience: "I was shocked to … [Read more...]