Na Zdrowie! Inside The 2015 Polish Barista Championship

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The 2015 Polish Barista Championship has come and gone, hosted at Sweet Fair in the city of Katowice, Poland over the first weekend in March. Fourteen baristas total competed, from which six finalists were selected—small numbers by American or UK standards, but typical for national competitions in continental Europe. As all the participants … [Read more...]

Seattle To Host Star-Studded 2015 World AeroPress Championship Event


Anticipation for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit has reached a fever pitch, as new national champions are crowned every day in coffee-loving nations all across the planet. Today is the moment fans of this circuit have been waiting for, as we can finally announce details for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship event! The 2015 WAC … [Read more...]

Urnex Unveils “Global Barista Champion Ambassadors” Selections


It's barista competition season, and our friends and partners at Urnex have been busy working behind the scenes to support competition culture as it happens around the world. The cleaning products brand—family-owned and based in New York State since 1936—signed on earlier this year as major supporters of Sprudge's international barista competition … [Read more...]

Hans Kristian Andersen Wins The Danish AeroPress Championship

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Congratulations to Hans Kristian Andersen of CPH Coffee Lab, your 2015 Danish AeroPress Champion! On February 22nd, Andersen competed with fifteen others at the Coffee Collective, the host sponsor of the nation's event. Andersen now moves on to compete in April at the World AeroPress Championship (WAC), taking place during the SCAA Event in … [Read more...]

Scenes From The 2015 Italian AeroPress Championship


The second edition of the Italian AeroPress Championship took place in Milan on March 1st, and saw Davide Berti of La Chichera Cafe win the title. This is the second consecutive year we've covered this event on Sprudge, following the inaugural launch of the Italian AeroPress Championship in 2014. The three judges of the competition were … [Read more...]

Alexei Kugayenko Wins The 2015 Russian Barista Championship

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Coffee is big, big, big in Russia. In this, one of the world's largest countries, the massive turnout of coffee pros who gathered for the Russian Barista Championship held in Moscow tells its own story. Over the course of the three-day event held late last month, the best baristas Russia has to offer competed in a series of World Coffee … [Read more...]

Cherry: A Global Coffee Happening In Calgary From Phil & Sebastian


We love coffee events! Indeed, we love them so much that we cover all manner of coffee events as they happen, all around the planet, often in exhausting detail. But what if there was a coffee event that resolutely, most certainly, was not at all like others? An event that contained world firsts, world champions, incredible food & music, and … [Read more...]

Recipes And Joie De Vivre At The French AeroPress Championship

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On Monday, March 9th, Paris’ coffee crowd gathered at the funky and eclectic Le Comptoir General for the second annual French AeroPress Championships, organized by Reseau Baristas de France. The prize up for grabs was a round trip to the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle in April, thanks to sponsors Art of Coffee by coffee importer Belco … [Read more...]

The USA AeroPress Championship Is Coming To Manhattan


A few weeks ago we brought some very important news to your attention: the US AeroPress Championship needed a host, in advance of the 2015 World AeroPress Championship in Seattle next month. Today we're happy to report that the event has found a loving new home at Underline Coffee in Chelsea, on the island of Manhattan, New York City, and that … [Read more...]

AeroPress Champions: Send Us Your Recipes & Event Photos


Nations all over the globe are competing in the 2015 World AeroPress Circuit, and the national champions will be flying to Seattle in April to compete for the world title. We're very proud to be serving this year as the event's first-ever Official Media Partners, which means more (and better) AeroPress coverage across our media network between now … [Read more...]

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood Wins The 2015 United Kingdom Barista Championship


Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, co-owner of Colonna and Small's and Colonna and Hunter in Bath, has won the 2015 United Kingdom Barista Championship. Held over the past two days at the ScotHot Exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland, the 2015 UKBC nationals featured the top 20 competing baristas from across the United Kingdom, each of whom qualified for the … [Read more...]

3 Top Recipes From The 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship


On February 26th, Common Man Coffee Roasters hosted the 2015 Singapore AeroPress Championship, with 18 competitors coming together in an exciting and highly anticipated pressing of Aeros. Xin Yi Loke of Common Man was kind enough to share details, pictures, and winning recipes from the event with Andy Easthope served as head … [Read more...]

Platform Melbourne, A Coffee Symposium (With Wine!)

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It’s that time of year again in Melbourne—Melbourne International Coffee Expo time! While this year may not hold exciting international competitions as it has in previous years, it will be the first year that Melbourne hosts Let’s Talk Relationship Coffee, courtesy of Sustainable Harvest, as well as an exciting series of events from some local … [Read more...]

Follow The United Kingdom Barista Championship This Week


The United Kingdom is home to some of the very best cafes and coffee roasters in the world. Many of these are located in London, of course, but not just there; today cities like Bath, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Liverpool are home to booming cafe scenes. With all this growth and advancement, the UK has quite naturally got a deep … [Read more...]

Charles Babinski Wins The 2015 US Barista Championship

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Charles Babinski, co-owner of G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles, has won the 2015 United States Barista Championship. Held over the past three days in the Long Beach, California, the 2015 USBC whittled down 36 of the very best baristas in the United States first to 18, then six, and finally, one. This is Charles Babinski's first … [Read more...]

Follow The United States Barista Championship This Weekend

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The 2015 US coffee competition cycle is coming to an end this weekend at the 2015 United States Coffee Championships taking place right now in Long Beach, California. To find out more, you should head over to SprudgeLive, our dedicated portal for all things coffee competition, and of course follow along live all weekend at @SprudgeLive on … [Read more...]