12 More Painfully Elitist, Hipstery, Put-Offish Espresso Vessels

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It was a relatively quiet night on the Twitter-sphere, until @coffeegeek dropped a Prince. Naturally, after this Tweet, the entire coffee community on Twitter banded together and collectively said, "You're right, Mark. We'll stop immediately. Thank you." Actually, no that's not what happened. People were enraged! Upset! Delighted! … [Read more...]

SHOCK: “Butter Barista” Puts Butter In Unsuspecting Customer’s Coffee


A recent TheKtchn article points to a resurgence in the age-old practice of adding butter to coffee drinks. No longer just the dominion of your Norwegian grandma, buttered coffee has a growing fan base thanks to acolytes of the "Bulletproof Executive" workout / lifestyle plan, and even The Today Show has weighed in on the matter, with a post up … [Read more...]

Copyright Or Wrong, Everyman’s Getting Screwed


Thanks to yesterday's 24 hour time travel home from Australia, Your Sprudge Editors effectively missed being able to report on this story in a timely fashion, so it's quite likely you've already read about the Everyman logo lawsuit drama from one of several reputable news outlets who copy & pasted from the original New York Times story. We've … [Read more...]

I Asked For An Extra Shot, But This Is Ridiculous!


When we were weighing out our beans this morning we found a prize! No naming names, no throwing shade, but that is definitely an expelled shell casing in this bag of Guatemalan coffee. What's the wildest thing YOU have ever found in a bag of beans? Write to us at BeanShade@Sprudge.com with your true-life tails of the coffee "prizes" you … [Read more...]

Coffee Court: Legal Battle Brewing Between Intelligentsia And Former COO


People are buzzing over a recent lawsuit between Chicago's Intelligentsia Coffee and former COO Bob Quinlan, now of Metropolis Coffee Company. More from the Naperville Sun (emphasis ours): Intelligentsia, in legal papers, alleges Quinlan violated a confidentiality agreement he signed upon his “termination” when he alerted the head of Human … [Read more...]

Principal BANS Coffee At California Public School?

Geeky Teacher

No more coffee in school? The Teachers Association of Long Beach is reporting that Cindy Young, Principal of Prisk Elementary School in Long Beach, California released this bulletin to her staff: “Coffee, sodas and other beverages other than bottled water should not be taken to recess or consumed while working with or around students (includes in … [Read more...]

Our Take On The Bitter Barista Fallout


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Thursday, February 7th, we published a feature on a barista in Seattle named Matt Watson. Mr. Watson is the author of a blog called Bitter Barista. At the time of publication he was an employee at All City Coffee, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. We're champions of baristas - our three plus years worth of published … [Read more...]

Some Of The Hate Mail We’ve Received Since Publishing Our Bitter Barista Story [NSFW]


Welcome to a special post on Sprudge, featuring many of the angry messages that were sent to us in the days since publishing our feature on Matt Watson, the Bitter Barista. We've decided to address some misconceptions about our original feature in a separate post. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Sprudge and its … [Read more...]

Snark’s Labor Lost: The Bitter Barista, Unmasked


Update (2/13/2013): If you've followed a link to this feature, please consult our latest post on the matter. To view a cavalcade of violent threats and unfortunate punctuation, check out this compendium of hate mail.  The Bitter Barista blog has hit the internet in a big way in recent days, leading to all manner of attention, retweets, Facebook … [Read more...]