Mexico Coca-Cola To Switch To Corn Syrup And It’s Making People Saddies


Coca-Cola out of Mexico is changing its recipe. The Latin Times reports that Mexican Coke, which is sweetened with cane sugar, will start using high fructose corn syrup. US-based soda gourmands note that the cane sugar recipe has a better mouthfeel than the corn syrup version, making it a popular offering at high-end bars and coffee shops. … [Read more...]

10 Things To Consider When Going Off The Grid

Open up a newspaper, a web browser, open your eyes - you'll see evidence everywhere. This once great planet is going down the tubes. And quickly. Why wait for catastrophe to strike? You can take pre-emptive actions to make sure that and your family are safe when the shit hits the fan. It's time we all face facts and start preparing for life off the … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Arabica Endangered, Extinct By 2080?


Doomsday! Like "Deep Impact" for the coffee bean, this story has been making the rounds on blogs, news syndicates, blog-mirrors, Copy+Pasteboards, and National Geographic. Now it's Sprudge's turn! Who are we going to copy and paste from? Huffington Post, you totally understand the need to rip-off content, so we choo-choo-choose you! The wild … [Read more...]