ModBar’s Got Company: Meet The Custom Undercounter Espresso Machine At Saint Frank


There's a shiny little bit of kit that adorns the front counter at Saint Frank, a new cafe in the Russian Hill neighborhood in San Francisco owned by barista turned cafe proprietor Kevin Bohlin. Lovingly designed and handcrafted by the engineer/designer John Ermacoff (otherwise known as Jepy), this two grouphead, under-the-counter espresso machine … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Releases A New Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel And It Is Glorious


  Nerds, rejoice. Counter Culture's Coffee Department has released a modified version of the Specialty Coffee Association of America's ubiquitous coffee flavor wheel. The original flavor wheel was developed in 1995 and, according to the SCAA website, is "a glossary of coffee terms based on sensory science and has become the standard that … [Read more...]

A Tokyo Coffee Map From Jauntful And Jan Chipchase

back of van espresso machine beirut

Tokyo's coffee scene is one of the oldest and richest you can find anywhere. From neighborhood kissaten, to single-minded auteur coffeebars, to Nordic Invasion coffee/cocktail bars, to the trendiest in latte-art swag shops, Tokyo has one of everything. Over the years this caffeinated bounty has been fairly exhaustively cataloged, but sifting … [Read more...]

A New And Improved Vision For The Syphon Pot Brewer


Now here's a modern take on an old classic. Take a look at Portugal-based designer David Meteus' concept for a syphon pot fueled by an immersion heater. The cloth cord, the cork, and the hand-crafted look of this brewer is glorious. For the unacquainted, a vacuum coffee maker (siphon, syphon, or vac-pot) has been around since the 1830s. … [Read more...]

Ethiopia: Tracing Coffee Through The ECX With GeoCertify


The world's first traceable ECX coffee, roasted by one of the best roasters in the country, from a company you've probably never heard of. Seen from a certain vantage, specialty coffee right now looks a little like MTV’s Spring Break coverage from the fratty glory days of the early naughts: It’s all about being maximally see-through. Whether … [Read more...]

Cafe Imports Teams With Cropster For Suggested Roast Profiles


Coffee doesn't just magically transport itself from around the world to the offering sheet of your favorite microroaster; it's brought there by a chain of growers, exporters, and importers, each of whom play an important role in maintaining coffee quality along the supply chain. Our friends and partners at Cafe Imports are one such importer, and … [Read more...]

MadCap Coffee Launch New “Varietal Series”


A genuinely cool new project launched today by our friends and partner at MadCap Coffee Company. It's called the "Varietal Series" and it offers eager tasters a chance to try 8 single varieties of coffee - Caturra, Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Typica, Bourbon, Elefante and Pacas - all grown by the Rodriguez family in Apaneca, El … [Read more...]

Chicago: A Bow Truss & Threadless Competiton


The folks at Threadless, "a community-based design company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by its members," have teamed up with Chicago's own Bow Truss Coffee for a pretty innovative design and co-branding project - one that could potentially make YOU the star in a cool design campaign! It's a crowdsourced fun way to get involved in … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Transparency Report: 3 Years Strong


Can't stop, won't stop. For the third straight year, Counter Culture Coffee have publicly released their annual Transparency Report, and for the third straight year, we want to bring this remarkable living document to your attention. An overview, from the report itself: This marks our third annual transparency report, and every year it seems … [Read more...]

Craft Coffee’s Kickstarter Needs Your Help


With less than 2 days left to go, the boutique subscription service folks at Craft Coffee are just shy of reaching their goal on Kickstarter. Consider supporting this Sprudgie Award-winning company by checking out their Kickstarter here - it's a project with three stated goals: the most thoughtful, user-friendly brewing guides the world has … [Read more...]

Liz Clayton, Pod Person: The Starbucks Verismo


At the risk of sounding repetitive, there's some really great coffee writing coming out of the Serious Eats: Drinks blog, from regular contributors Erin Meister and Liz Clayton. Ms. Clayton is up to bat today, in a feature where she boldly tries the new Starbucks Verismo pod system, including its mercurial (and apparently misunderstood, if the … [Read more...]

The El Bulli of Coffee: Theorem Opens In Costa Mesa, California

photo 1-1

Today marks the first day of open reservations for Theorem, a new concept cafe from the folks behind Portola Coffee Lab. Your editors had a chance to attend an advanced seating last week while in Orange County for Barista Nation LA. We don't want to give away all the details - let's keep it special for your first visit - and our photos … [Read more...]