The Best Multi-Roaster Cafe In The World Is In Seattle Right Now


The 2015 World Barista Championship is popping off in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Exhibit Hall 4F is filled to the gills with eager baristas, beleaguered organizers, anxious well-wishers, stern security guards, and delicious complimentary cups of coffee. All the free coffee. Perhaps the best multi-roaster coffee bar in the world is operating right […]

Home Cooking And Coffee Brewing At Bintana In Cebu City, The Philippines

Sprudge-Lacy-Wood-Bintana2 sign

For some, the smell of cookies baking or the whiff of a familiar perfume can bring back a rush of memories. Walking into Bintana cafe in a quiet neighborhood of central Cebu City in the Philippines, one immediately feels at home. The scent of coffee brewing, the sound of home-cooking sizzling in the kitchen, the wall […]

In Williamsburg, A Colombian Mega Cafe With Ambitious Plans

Cafe Devocion Brooklyn Colombia Sprudge

In a cafe-saturated city like New York, it takes a lot to get noticed, and a sharp focus can set a business apart. The city’s already seen a smattering of niche cafes that specialize in, or exclusively serve, coffees from one particular origin, from the boutique—Café Integral (Nicaragua) to the more mainstream—Bourbon Coffee (Rwanda), Juan […]