The Best Multi-Roaster Cafe In The World Is In Seattle Right Now


The 2015 World Barista Championship is popping off in the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Exhibit Hall 4F is filled to the gills with eager baristas, beleaguered organizers, anxious well-wishers, stern security guards, and delicious complimentary cups of coffee. All the free coffee. Perhaps the best multi-roaster … [Read more...]

Home Cooking And Coffee Brewing At Bintana In Cebu City, The Philippines

Sprudge-Lacy-Wood-Bintana2 sign

For some, the smell of cookies baking or the whiff of a familiar perfume can bring back a rush of memories. Walking into Bintana cafe in a quiet neighborhood of central Cebu City in the Philippines, one immediately feels at home. The scent of coffee brewing, the sound of home-cooking sizzling in the kitchen, the wall of books, the clean, warm … [Read more...]

In Williamsburg, A Colombian Mega Cafe With Ambitious Plans

Cafe Devocion Brooklyn Colombia Sprudge

In a cafe-saturated city like New York, it takes a lot to get noticed, and a sharp focus can set a business apart. The city's already seen a smattering of niche cafes that specialize in, or exclusively serve, coffees from one particular origin, from the boutique—Café Integral (Nicaragua) to the more mainstream—Bourbon Coffee (Rwanda), Juan Valdez … [Read more...]

Wizards Of Sproz: Alchemy And Decade Coffee Of Lawrence, Kansas

Decade Coffee Lawrence Kansas

When I set out on my first drive to Lawrence, KS in nearly 10 years, a lot of memories began to flood back in. As a teenager I remember going to shows at The Bottleneck, eating slices of New York style pizza at Papa Keno's, record shopping at Love Garden, and drinking shots of espresso at Henry's on 8th Street. Taking that 45-minute drive from my … [Read more...]

This Incredible Cafe Is Only Open One Day A Week


When Amparo Rios, coffee culture photographer extraordinaire, informed me that at long last a specialty coffee bar had opened in her neck of the woods, her and I planned a trip out to Valencia, Califonria to go check out House Roots Coffee. This brand new cafe is open just one day a week, but don't let that fool you - House Roots is serving some … [Read more...]

There’s A Cafe In Lithuania You Just Gotta See


Say hello to No Sugar, a new cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania, that's taking its cue from boutique cafes around the world. "A person can enjoy a coffee at Blue Bottle in New York, or Workshop in London, or The Barn in Berlin," says No Sugar consultant and 2012 Lithuania Barista Champion Mindaugas Ryškus, "our goal is that that person can board a plane to … [Read more...]

Spend A Moment With Lamplighter Coffee In Richmond, Virginia


Lamplighter Roasting Company opened in Richmond, Virginia in 2009, and here, four years later, you'd have a hard time declaring a more emblematic small business for this gracious old Commonwealth town. The ownership has deep roots in this city of just 200,000. They do all their roasting right there in Richmond, and the local bearderatti - the … [Read more...]

Seattle: Caffe Ladro’s Gorgeous New Cafe In South Lake Union


As luck would have it, a few weeks back one of Your Sprudge Editors just happened to be in Seattle for the soft opening of Caffe Ladro's drop-dead incredible stunning new cafe at 1800 9th Avenue, in the South Lake Union / Paramount Theater / bus station district. South Lake Union is growing, bumping, infused with a heaping heck-load of Paul Allen … [Read more...]

Tacoma: Satellite Coffee Becomes “Cosmonaut Coffee”


Photo via Northwest Military [Full Disclosure: Your Sprudge Editors are Tacoma, Washington natives.] Dateline, Tacoma: The City of Destiny is reeling after waves of name change drama, seemingly rolling in with the tides on Commencement Bay. First, the city's six-year-old Satellite Coffee chain - the original just across from Wright Park, the … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Trouble Coffee & Coconut Club Open 2nd Location


Giulietta Carrelli of Trouble Coffee in San Francisco has done it again, opening her second location earlier this week in the Hunters Point neighborhood. Located at 1370 Yosemite, this second location is even smaller than their original lilliputian locale in Outer Sunset, and serves up the same signature combo of toast, fresh coconuts, and … [Read more...]

Joe Live And Direct In Philly Town, Rap And Hype And They Can Brew Down


Joe Coffee has officially opened its doors in Philadelphia with a brand new cafe in Rittenhouse Square, at 1845 Walnut Street. This new cafe is serving coffee roasted exclusively in-house by the venerable New York chain, a first for any of their now 9 locations. Sprudgie Award winner Liz Clayton has a first hand account via Serious Eats: A coffee … [Read more...]

Olympia Coffee Roasters New Location Now Open!


Why, it wasn't even 3 months ago when we reported on plans for Olympia Coffee Roasters' brand-new third location. What a busy three months its been for our friends & partners at OCR; an epic build-out, a clean health inspection, and now their stunning new minimalist art deco inspired cafe is open to the public. Instagram has been blowing up … [Read more...]

Chicago: Caffe Streets To Open Roastery And “L” Train Kiosks


There's a curious expansion project afoot in Chicago, as neighborhood news blog DNA Info broke the news that Caffe Streets will take over two coffee service kiosks along the Chicago Transit Attorney's Blue Line train. Long regarded as one of the best poly-roaster cafes in Chicago, the original Wicker Park location of Caffe Streets will be joined … [Read more...]

Curriculum Vita: Ray Proudfoot on Silver Lake’s Newest Cafe


Seattle roaster Caffe Vita has expanded its operations into Los Angeles; specifically, into the westernmost tip of a triangular brick behemoth on the border of Silver Lake and Los Feliz (Vita's website calls it Silverlake, so let's agree to agree). Perhaps not coincidentally, the building also houses a Rudy's Barbershop location – Rudy's being … [Read more...]

Wayward Customer Followup: The Virtues Of The “Cop Discount”


Yesterday we ran an article on called "A Barista Quandry: Handling Your Cafe's Wayward Guests". A couple of really cool emails have come through on the subject today, but there's one we wanted to share with y'all in its entirety. This email comes from Morgan Smith, a CSR for our friends and partners at PT's Coffee in Topeka Kansas, … [Read more...]

A Barista Quandry: Handling Your Cafe’s Wayward Guests


Just past the menfolk-only Nickel Spa and one block shy of the Apple Store, there sits a little slice of New York City known to some as an escalating epicenter of violent homeless mob scenes. For those who work nearby at Think Coffee, the problem is reaching a breaking point. CBS Local has more: Manager Matt Fury said since his “Think Coffee” … [Read more...]