Barista Champion Matt Perger To Launch A Coffee Website

matt-perger is first to report the impending debut of Matt Perger Coffee (, a new eponymous web publication from two-time Australian Barista Champion, World Barista Championship silver medalist and World Brewers Cup champion Matthew Perger. The website is currently still password protected; it goes live next Monday, January 20th … [Read more...]

This New Coffee Blog Is Everything Right Now


The new coffee blog "use the handle" is everything right now. The blog seems to have but one purpose - to highlight the unsanitary nature of holding a cup by anything but its handle. We reached out to the blog's owner, who agreed to an interview so long as he / she could remain anonymous. UTH, why so anonymous? I compete in throw … [Read more...]

New Feature Up On “Birds of Unusual Vitality” – Jose Aguilar of Mercanta


It's no secret that we're huge fans of Birds of Unusual Vitality, a specialty coffee interview and photo site published by Eileen P. Kenny. Sprudge readers may remember Ms. Kenny from her world-beating photo work during our coverage of the 2013 World Barista Champioship, and she's recently joined the Sprudge staff as our Melbourne desk writer. … [Read more...]

La Marzocco Blog: Will Volumetric Groups Make A Comeback In 2013?


In Rocky IV, Rocky trains in the harsh Soviet winter, pulling logs to beef up, while his opponent Ivan Drago relied on soulless  machines and chemicals to pump his way to the top - and spoiler alert! Rocky won! However, in 1996, Garry Kasparov battled supercomputer Deep Blue in an epic six game chess battle - and lost. Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox … [Read more...]

Birds Of Unusual Vitality Is Australia’s Best Coffee Blog


We first featured Birds of Unusual Vitality back in October, and the blog's author, Eileen P Kenny, has continued to produce gorgeous, engaging content in the months since. Ms. Kenny's work follows a kind of signature style: gorgeous portrait photography, accompanied by insightful, in-depth personal interviews. We follow this blog closely, and you … [Read more...]

Ozersky’s Exertions Redux: A Gentler Josh Interview


Josh Ozersky is everyone's favorite famous foodie coffee curmudgeon - who could forget his article for TIME online, titled "The Perils of Coffee Snobbery", in which Mr. Ozersky pooped all over specialty coffee in general, and Blue Bottle founder James Freeman in particular. His public bluster on the topic seems to have softened since the article … [Read more...]

Brian Ludviksen, Bringer Of Light To The Shadows Of Snark

Brian Ludviksen (Facebook)

There were a few blog posts that popped up last week presenting baristas in an unfavorable light. Perhaps the most viral (and the most offensive) was this groan-inducing "I hate my job" venting on XOJane. Features like this, while easy to sell to editors, are terrible for the specialty coffee industry. They make Joe Blow off the street assume … [Read more...]

NYC: Madcap Coffee and Joe Pro Shop, A Love Story


There's a nice feature up via Madcap Coffee Company's brand new website, part of a quarterly series in which they talk about different high-end wholesale partners around the country. First up is the Joe Pro Shop, which opened last Spring with Madcap as one of its featured partners: The idea behind the Pro Shop is to offer the best coffee from the … [Read more...]

FRSHGRND In Copenhagen: Democratic Coffee Bar


Aaron Frey's FRSHGRND is one of our very favorite coffee blogs. In their most recent entry, Mr. Frey explores Democratic Coffee, "One of Copenhagen’s best cafes" located in that city's main library. More from FRSHGRND: Head to the right when you enter the library and you’ll find your way into a room with a long wood paneled bar. You could … [Read more...]

“Women’s handprints can be found at every point in coffee…”


Allison Aubrey writes for NPR's The Salt blog, who today published this feature on four East African coffee producers visiting DC as part of a trip funded by the International Women's Coffee Alliance and the International Trade Centre's Women in Coffee Project. The four women are representatives of Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, and their … [Read more...]

World Barista Blog Interviews Gifted Chromatic Hunk


Who doesn't love a nice interview? We're reading this new feature from the folks at World Barista, who've managed a sit-down with with Hiver van Geenhoven, the mustachioed young hunk who stole our hearts at Barefoot Coffee Roasters and now lives and breathes Chromatic Coffee: Mikhail Sebastian: You were part of the team of Barefoot Coffee Roasters … [Read more...]

Fast Company Goes Inside Starbucks’ Leadership Lab


Fast Company's Sarah Kessler was recently on hand to check out the brand new Starbucks Leadership Lab, housed in a convention center in Houston. She joined 9,600 Starbucks store managers as they were lead through twenty exhibits feature 5,000 live coffee shrubs, a drying patio for hands on raking, an enormous empathy exhibit with a floor of used … [Read more...]

Birds Of Unusual Vitality: Coffee’s Cover Page


Is "Birds of Unusual Vitality" the world's prettiest coffee website? Is rhetorical supposition an overused editorial device? Probably, and yes. No, but really, reading Eileen Kenny's website is like a taking a big, deep, tasteful breath, one that starts from the shoulders and goes all the way down to relax your toes. She's been featured by DCILY … [Read more...]

Lewontin’s Rebuttal: “Incomplete Unimportance of Brew Methods”


There's some top drawer fresh content up today via the Everyman Espresso blog, a rebuttal of sorts to the "Unimportance of Brew Methods" feature we highlighted a few days ago on Sprudge. But first, to address some confusion that's been lingering for a few days: the original blog post from Extractions & Distractions was not written by Espresso … [Read more...]

What We’re Reading: “The Unimportance of Brew Methods”

Enzyme extraction research

Spotted today via Espresso Parts customer service rep Michael "Panda" Fernandez's indispensable Facebook feed, this thought-provoking read from the Extractions & Distractions tumblr. Titled "The Unimportance of Brew Methods", it's the best 6 paragraphs on specialty coffee we've read all week. Have a gander: Brew methods are just different ways … [Read more...]

Flavorwire: The 20 Most Beautiful Cafes in The World


Blogger Claire Cottrell over at Flavorpill / Flavorwire has cobbled together a pretty interesting list of the 20 most beautiful cafes in the world. It's a pretty gosh darn global list, and we'll level with you: Some of these cafes are places we've never heard of before, likely because they are not where our coffee-obsessed friends would take us … [Read more...]