5 Sure Signs Your Barista Has A Crush On You

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  Sure, you go in for your double latte every morning, just like anyone else, but recently something feels a little...different. You have an inkling, a suspicion really, that your barista might be crushing on you - but are they? Here are five sure-fire signs that your barista has given you "crushtomer" status. 5. They're pouring hearts … [Read more...]

You Just Have To See This Cheeky British Coffee Menu


This menu was featured today on Gizmodo, and it comes from a website called Chartspotting. It got the Chartspotting folks excited. Reader Eristdoof comments, "If the bar lengths were in ml (which I don’t think they are) this would be brilliant for me. Usually my coffee of choice is an americano, but in quite a few cafes they add way too much water … [Read more...]

Fundamentalist Mormons Are Totes Cool With Coffee


This just in from the fine folks over at the Salt Lake Tribune's Polygamy Blog: all them true believers at the Fundamentalist Church Of Jesus Christ? Totes cool with coffee. Caffeine, alcohol, polygamy, underage marriage, volleyball, modern clothing, they're fine with it all! Have a latte. Have two! They sure did: Expect to see a lot more of … [Read more...]

5 Totally Temporary Coffee Tattoos From Tattly


[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ot ready to take the big step and get a permanent chest piece just yet? Never fear! The brilliant minds at Tattly - a "designy temporary tattoo" house have some cute, quirky, and totally temporary tattoos for the contemporary barista. We've compiled five of our favorites - including a brand new one we've spotted Four Barrel … [Read more...]