You Know The Deal About The Dwarf Geisha Variety?

Ted (second, left) and the team. [Equator Coffees]

There's been a lot of buzz lately about a variety of coffee some have nicknamed the "dwarf geisha" coming out of Colombia. If you're lucky enough to be in San Francisco this week, our partners at Equator Coffees have set up a series of events with very special guests - the producers of Granja La Esperanza in Colombia - and their mysteriously … [Read more...]

Coffee Shrub’s Definitive Guide To Rwanda and Burundi Coffee

IMG_6442 copy

There's some really beautiful new content up over at Coffee Shrub, the Oakland-based green import specialists with a penchant for blogging. Coffee Shrub is home to 2011 Sprudgie Award winner Aleco Chigounis, and alongside founders Thompson Owen (a 2011 SCAA Distinguished Author Award winner) and Christopher Schooley, the three of them have created … [Read more...]

Arnulfo Leguizamo’s Finca La Primavera: The Coffee That Won USBC


Parisi Coffee's Pete Licata is your 2013 United States Barista Champion. But no man is an island, and in the world of specialty coffee, there are many hands that touch each moment of success, from that lovely shot in your neighborhood cafe to the routine that won the USBC. Our friends & partners at Cafe Imports were intimately involved in this … [Read more...]

New Private Auction Program From Fincas Mierisch and Cup of Excellence

Los Favoritos Auction - COMING SOON!

The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the organization behind Cup of Excellence - "The Oscars of the coffee world", it's been called - have launched a spin-off project for established COE producers to sell exclusive small lots of coffee on the internet. This will happen via a live all-day auction, pitting roasters worldwide to bid on a small … [Read more...]

Seattle Times: Starbucks Buys 600 Acres In Costa Rica


Interesting news broke last night from Seattle Times writer Melissa Allison, who reports that Starbucks is purchasing its first-ever coffee estate in Costa Rica. The farm is located on the slopes of Poas Volcano National Park, just north of San Jose, in Costa Rica's famed Central Valley. The land is around 242 hectares. Most coffee producing … [Read more...]

Coffee Rust: A Climate Change Emergency, But There’s Hope


By far the biggest story in coffee this week - and this month, and this year - is the ongoing coffee rust crisis currently affecting coffee crops and the farmers who tend them in Latin America and beyond. Experts estimate cross loss at upwards of 20% of the 2012-2013 harvest will be lost to harvest, and next year it could be as bad as 40%. The … [Read more...]

Cafe Imports 2013 USBC Origin Trip Headed To Kenya!


Exciting news out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, where our friends and partners at Cafe Imports have announced that Kenya will be the destination for the company's 2013 USBC Origin Trip. Cafe Imports will host all 6 United States regional barista champs, the USBC champ, and the winner of the 2013 World Barista Championship in Melbourne. … [Read more...]

A Few Good Yemen


BusinessWeek says: Yemen has some serious troubles, including hunger, water shortages, and running battles with Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia are propping up the Yemeni government so its territory doesn’t become a launching pad for Al Qaeda terrorism. On Oct. 18, the State Department brought a delegation of Yemeni … [Read more...]

Bujumbura Jamboree: Dallis Bros. Cup of Excellence Adventure


This year marks the first-ever Cup of Excellence held in the nation of Burundi, a tiny, densely populated country directly to the south of Rwanda. Our friends and partners at Dallis Bros. Coffee sent a delegate to participate in the proceedings - John Moore, a man who wears many hats at Dallis, but is officially their VP of Sales and … [Read more...]

Buying The Finca: Move To Costa Rica!


We're pleased to announce our very first finca Real Estate feature on Do you dream of moving to Central America and owning a coffee farm? For the price of a suburban McMansion, your dream can become a reality in realty. An unexpected e-mail from Mr. Ralph Carlson showed up in our inbox a few days back, sharing with us the word that Mr. … [Read more...]

Wondwossen Wound Up On Ethiopian Economic Ethos


Wondwossen Mezlekia's coffee politics blog, Poor Farmer, has another damning piece on the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, this from a study commissioned by the Partnership Program between the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Government and Wageningen UR: The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange cannot meet the demands of the high value markets, … [Read more...]

Biotech To Revive Cuban Coffee Industry


In 2009, Cuba had the worst harvest on record, yielding just 5,500 tons of green coffee. Raul Castro had to personally order over $50 million dollars worth of imported coffee just to meet the demands of all of those thirsty Cubans. "That's not really a luxury I can afford right now so I'd rather we just figure our shit out here in Cuba," Mr. Castro … [Read more...]

Rwanda Profiles: Abahuzamugambi Cooperative


A classically lush and tropical washing station environment, Cyrumbo is one of four washing stations serviced by the Abahuzamugambi Coopeartive, with offices, accounting, and a community tech center in the village of Kissa. Kissa is located near the larger village of Maraba, which is often how coffee from this cooperative is labeled in the West, … [Read more...]

Eruption In Guatemala, Flooding Reported


News outlets are reporting that the Fuego volcano in Guatemala's Antigua region has shown signs of significant activity, shooting lava and columns of ash into the air. Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes, with Vulcan de Fuego being the the most active, spewing gas and steam daily. Yesterday's event was less common, enough to put authorities, … [Read more...]

The $806,133 Esmeralda Special Auction


Today's 2012 Panama Esmeralda Especial Auction earned Hacienda Esmeralda an estimated $806,133. You can check out our earlier feature on the auction for a little context, and here's some highlights from the bidding action: Top high bid for the natural processed Esmeralada was $66, paid SAZA Coffee of Japan, for one of two lots of Esmeralda's Mario … [Read more...]