The Story Behind Drift, A New Coffee Magazine


Drift Magazine is a new print magazine about coffee, launched this winter with a handsome first issue devoted to documenting New York City's coffee culture through photos, articles and stories. For their second issue, the New York-based team plans to capture the exploding Tokyo coffee scene. We talked to Drift co-founder Adam Goldberg, … [Read more...]

This Lime And Wine Iced Latte Is Giving Us Life

Cognoscenti Modbar Los Angeles Sprudge

Los Angeles' beloved Cognoscenti Coffee Modbar cart has moved from its location at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park a few neighborhoods south, to Chinatown. Before the big move, operator Jack Benchakul took some time to visit Thailand, and came home inspired to create a few signature drinks for the new location. Yeekai Lim originally opened … [Read more...]

Pods, Foams, And Coffee Tropes In The Washington Post


Last week the Washington Post released two articles about coffee on the same day, one a little more science-y and one a little more statistics-y. Though they somewhat retread covered ground, they're both interesting tidbits that are worth a look, or for your convenience, we'll recap for you. Clumsy? Order a Latte Instead of Coffee. Have you ever … [Read more...]

What’s The Ish, Trish? Coffee Advice From Trish Rothgeb


Welcome to What's The Ish, Trish?—a new occasionally occurring advice column on, featuring Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, the Third Wave, and more.  Dear Trish, Sometimes cold brew tastes rotten and gives me a sore throat. Why? It seems harmless enough, and in fact I’ve been told it has less acid than a freshly … [Read more...]

“Always An Exception”: Inside The Rising Tide Of Indonesian Coffee


My love affair with Indonesian coffee began early, while I was new to the coffee industry, and still coming down from the seething iconoclastic urges of my teenage years. My fellow baristas loved Ethiopian, Colombian, and Brazilian coffees, but something pushed me towards the bracing earthy and herbal notes that took the foreground in coffees from … [Read more...]

Cookie Coffee Cups Go Mainstream With Help From Colonel Sanders


Will we look back at this moment (or last several decades) in history and reel in disgust at our wasteful, horrendous thirst for take-away containers? Every year we're reminded how many times our barely recyclable, hardly compostable, and flagrantly non-resuable paper cups can circle our globe, or if stacked, could reach the far reaches of our … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle And Perfect Coffee Founders Talk Acquisition

Blue Bottle PC 1

Yesterday broke the news that Blue Bottle Coffee has acquired Perfect Coffee, a Bay Area start-up  dedicated to advancing coffee preserving and grinding technologies, and the creators of single-serve pre-ground coffee packets that, dare we say it, do not suck. You can read a "just the facts, ma'am" feature about this … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Coffee Listicles You Have To Read Right Now

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.15.09 PM

Hot coffee, sure, but #HotTakes? The internet is chockablock with them, as major media companies both online and off take a moment to peer briefly into the coffee scenes around the world and rank individual cafes numerically. Everywhere you look it's a new top can't miss coffee best list, and while we shy away from such #HotTakes here on … [Read more...]

Five Great Places For Coffee In Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart Tasmania Coffee Sprudge

My parents went on a holiday eight and a half years ago, came back to their home in Sydney, and within a few months decided to pack up and move from Sydney down to Hobart, Tasmania. In terms of distance, a move like this is similar to moving from London to Berlin, or New York to Chicago. But to many Australians, it’s like moving far away into the … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg Invests In Philz Coffee To Help Spread The “High Pour” Nationwide

Investors, all. (Jamie Kennedy / Wikimedia, Snoop Dogg / WhatsTrending, Jonah Hill / Wikimedia)

San Francisco's Philz Coffee has raised $15 million dollars in a new round of funding, as reported by TechCrunch. SFist points out that Snoop Dogg is among the group of investors. Also worth noting that Jonah Hill and Jamie Kennedy are on the list. Philz Coffee, a San Francisco company, started in 2003 and is currently run by the founder's son … [Read more...]

Meet Mehran Mohammad Nezhad, Iran’s First Barista Champion


After some thirty years of hostility, the United States Secretary of State and the Iranian Foreign Minister have managed to finally evolve nuclear talks into diplomatic walks along the streets of Geneva. At the same time, a specialty coffee delegate, an Iranian barista, will be traveling to Seattle, to represent Iran for the first time at the 2015 … [Read more...]

Timeless Espresso Traditions At Sant’Eustachio and Tazza d’Oro in Rome


A Roman barista, dressed in a fetching bow tie and burgundy vest, drags a porcelain saucer across the counter towards me. Around him, Italians storm the bar with espresso orders, waving dockets in a violent bid for his precious attention. The barista, however, is oblivious. Staring into the distance with intense focus, he’s in what elite snipers … [Read more...]

From Colombia To Uganda, Growing Gender Equity At Coffee Farms

CQI Gender Equity Sprudge

The Coffee Quality Institute began the first phase of its Partnership for Gender Equity last October with a workshop in Cauca, Colombia. That event was one of four such programs intended to bring all manner of industry participants and coffee farmers together to explore gender dynamics in areas where coffee is grown. An invitation produced by … [Read more...]

Beautiful And Daring Posters From The 2015 International AeroPress Circuit


The 2015 World AeroPress Championship will take place this coming April in Seattle, Washington, in conjunction with the World Barista Championship and SCAA Event. This much we know. What we don't know is who will represent the tapestry of nations at this august exhibition. That's because the national AeroPress championships are still very much a … [Read more...]

The Flat White: Explained


The flat white. A storied, semi-mythical beverage that has been the object of hushed adulation and media hot takes for years. It's a combination of milk and espresso that originated from somewhere Antipodean, and has been happily consumed in Australia and New Zealand without (too much) fuss for quite awhile now. Predicting the flat white's … [Read more...]

7 Delightful Coffee Treats At San Francisco’s Ferry Building


When I first set out to write a story chronicling the all of the riches of coffee-related foods in San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace, that grand arcade of high-end shops and fine purveyors, I imagined a 5-course meal foraged from a bounty of espresso-bean-encrusted treats, savory and sweet alike. A full-on culinary experience rife with … [Read more...]