American Roadtrip: 3,000 Miles, 11 Coffee Bars, and 1 Four-Month Old

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Barista Cabell Tice moved cross-country with his family, touring eleven cafes in America's heartland in the process. Mr. Tice ran the coffee program at Thinking Cup in Boston for three years, and after notching a few CoffeeFest Latte Art titles on his belt and helping “The Cup” with two store openings, Tice decided his hometown of Astoria, OR was … [Read more...]

In Tokyo, Yanaka’s Neighborhood Take On Suspended Coffee

Yanaka Tokyo-04 - more signed stamp cards

Think for a moment about random acts of kindness: big or small, there’s something about a good deed that makes us feel good. It might be giving up a seat on a crowded train, sharing an umbrella in the rain, or a kind word on a bad day. Sometimes, it might be as simple as a free cup of coffee—exactly the case at Yanaka Coffee in Tokyo's … [Read more...]

The World’s Best Cooks (And Sprudge) Will Be At MAD Symposium In Copenhagen

mad food 4

In just one week, the leaders of the progressive food world will descend on the city of Copenhagen for the fourth installment of MAD Symposium, hosted by the MAD Food group, "a community of chefs, cooks and farmers with an appetite for knowledge." This year's event is co-curated by Alex Atala, of the award-winning D.O.M. restaurant in São Paolo. … [Read more...]

We’re Engaged! Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Week At Fast Company

The masthead at Fast Company this week.

Hold on to your butts! It's Coffee Week at Fast Company, the executive-business-design-innovation-lifestyle network of publications. They're leading things off with a multitude of Monday morning curated coffee content--eight articles so far from seven different writers!--including two tent-pole articles: "The Multimillion Dollar Quest To Brew The … [Read more...]

One Of The Best Video Stores On Earth Hosts A Ritual Coffee Pop-Up

Lost Weekend Ritual Popup -lost-weekend-jeremy-wheat

Next to the Ritual flagship café on Valencia Street in the Mission is Lost Weekend, one of the last remaining video stores in the city and really, one of the last few really good video rental stores in the country. While Ritual Coffee’s café is undergoing renovations this month, they are popping up a coffee service inside Lost Weekend. Lost … [Read more...]

5 Coffee Commercials That Prove Lauren Bacall Is The Classiest Spokesperson Ever


The Golden Era Hollywood star Lauren Bacall passed away this week at the age of 89. Her career spanned seven decades with defining roles like Vivian Rutledge in The Big Sleep, working alongside legends like Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda. Thanks to the powers of the Internet, we're able to commemorate her lesser known work as … [Read more...]

The Agony And Ecstasy Of Hutspot, Amsterdam’s Most Curated Cafe

Hutspot Coffee Amsterdam-IMG_9920

Full disclosure: I like stores that have coffee shops in them. Part two of full disclosure: I kind of hate stores that have coffee shops in them. Because I love them. Oh the curated, artisan, local design, lifestyle, deco store and coffee shop. You know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ve all been in them. In fact, we’re all lured to them. … [Read more...]

New Study Suggests Baristas Are At A Significant Risk For Injury


According to a study recent study from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, the intensely repetitive work of making coffee can cause serious lower back and shoulder problems. This may not be news to you if you’ve ever worked a bar shift, or read our three-part study of barista health concerns, but the new study in the journal … [Read more...]

You Gotta Check Out This Coffee Packaging From Denmark


Danish designer Christian Forman Ankjaer of Think Better recently collaborated with coffee roaster Mikkel Selmer of La Cabra Coffee Roasters in Aarhus, Denmark. Together, they came up with truly exceptional coffee branding and packaging. You gotta see it. The 250 gram boxes have the company's name, the coffee's country, farm/factory … [Read more...]

A Coffee Scene Grows In Helsinki

Good Life Coffee Helsinki Finland

Helsinki may not be quite as coffee trendy as the other European capitals, but it sure does seem to have worked its way to the top of a lot of traveller's I Want To Go To There lists. In March we published a guide to the emerging Helsinki coffee scene, and now we're taking a deeper look at how the scene is growing through the eyes of two Helsinki … [Read more...]

The Succulent New Trend Sweeping Bay Area Cafes

Bay Area Coffee Succulents-temescal-alley-succulent

The Bay Area is at the bleeding edge of all the hot new trends–from wealth disparity, to art and music, to café design–and I think I’ve identified the latest one. Succulents. [Edit 8/5: And air plants, which are technically not succulents, but are basically succulents.] Especially in coffee shops. I’m not saying that the humble, adorable … [Read more...]

“Birds Of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2″ Now Available In Select Cafes, Online


Eileen P. Kenny is the talented photographer and writer behind the coffee web's premiere interview magazine, Birds of Unusual Vitality. She is also Melbourne desk, and we recently partnered with her to publish Birds of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2, a compilation of engaging interviews with coffee folk from around the globe. This book is now … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Haand Crafted Ceramics From North Carolina


About a half hour west of Chapel Hill, out in the country near Eli Whitney, North Carolina, Mark Warren and Chris Pence craft gorgeous ceramic wares under the brand name Haand Ceramics. "We enjoy the quiet and freedom of working outside of the city," Pence tells us. He reached out Sprudge after reading our recent feature on Bold Bean Coffee in … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: 2014 World Barista Champion Hidenori Izaki

hidenori izaki cafe imports ecuador-1373

Last June, Hidenori Izaki became the first Japanese competitor to win the World Barista Championship (read about his victory here in Japanese). Assistant Editor Alex Bernson recently sat down with Mr. Izaki in Ecuador for his first major English-language interview since winning the WBC. This interview happened as part of a Cafe … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: 2014 United Barista Champion Laila Ghambari

lailah ghambari cafe imports ecuador-1404

In April of this year, Laila Ghambari became the 2014 United States Barista Champion. This victory was no fluke, as Assistant Editor Alex Bernson learned during the course of his interview with Ms. Ghambari--she's been competing since 2009, and making coffee from the age of 17 at Cherry Street Coffee, her father's chain of cafes in … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee

Ecuador CI Day Two-IMG_1109

Charles Babinski is the co-owner of two cafes in the Los Angeles area, G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger. First for Intelligentsia Coffee, and now for his own company, Mr. Babinski has distinguished himself as one of the most important and influential American barista competitors of the last half-decade, with national top 6 placements in 2010 … [Read more...]