Dear Mom, Here Are 6 Reasons Why I’m A Barista


Mom, over the holidays you did that thing again. Aunt Jane asked me what I've been up to, and you made an off-handed comment about how I'm still just a barista. Listen, I'm a professional barista and it's a profession that I'm super proud of. It's challenging, exciting, weird, and the longer I'm at it, the more I feel like this path is right for … [Read more...]

Did This SF Cafe Destroy A Mission District Mural For A Walk Up Window?

(via Mission Local

Lola Chavez of Mission Local reports that the 24th and Mission BART station area in San Francisco is getting a new cafe with a walk-up window. Chavez writes, "The place will be run by two brothers, according to their father who was at the site recently." One minor problem: the walk up window construction cut through one of the many vibrant … [Read more...]

Palace Of Fine Arts Hosts Good Food Awards Celebration In San Francisco

2015 GFA Good Food Awards Sprudge 003

Sprudge has covered the Good Food Awards for five years running now. We’ve happily followed them as they’ve grown alongside the food they’ve so fervently supported. We’ve even, for the last two years, been official media partners for the event, a role we see as especially important as quality coffee continues to rise in gastronomic esteem. The 2015 … [Read more...]

Hunt For Good Coffee Beers At The Uppers + Downers Festival In Chicago


Good Beer Hunting, a popular online beer culture digest and brand consultancy, have teamed with our partners at Intelligentsia Coffee for a series of beer + coffee events, dubbed "Uppers + Downers"—we reported on the first such event in the fall of 2013. This year, Uppers + Downers is back again for its biggest event ever, a veritable festival of … [Read more...]

Kickstarter’s Infamous ZPM Espresso Machine Is Officially Cancelled


From the world of sad, failed Kickstarter projects comes today's news that the ZPM Espresso Machine, billed as "a home espresso machine that delivers true cafe quality with groundbreaking connectivity" and funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $369,569 dollars, has officially kicked the proverbial bucket, after a long struggle of a development … [Read more...]

Poll: Aussies & Kiwis, What Does A Flat White Mean To You?


I have a terrible imperialist American confession to make: when training new baristas in NYC, I often instructed them that "if someone orders a drink name you don't recognize, like Gibraltar, Cortado, SG-120, or flat white, what they really want is two shots of espresso, lightly steamed milk and about 5.5oz total drink volume." Because I believe … [Read more...]

In The Wake Of Tragedy, A Letter From Paris

Illustration by Thomas Putnam.

Yesterday, a vicious, hate-filled attack occurred in Paris, with twelve people, including police, journalists and illustrators massacred during an editorial meeting. As our morning Sprudge editorial meeting convened, none of us could tear our attention away from the news, and thoughts of how our long-time Paris Desk Anna Brones was doing. We wound … [Read more...]

The Sixth Annual Sprudgie Awards

sprudgies award

Welcome to the 6th annual Sprudgie Awards! The Sprudgies honor notable achievements in coffee in a variety of categories, awarded each year after careful deliberation. This year’s awards were authored by’s editorial team of Liz Clayton, Alex Bernson, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen. Best New Cafe: Scandinavian Embassy Notable … [Read more...]

A Coffee Day In Paris


Standing at the top of the Parc de Belleville looking over the obscured perspective of Paris it makes me wonder why it’s taken 14 years to come back to this city. As a teenager I visited Paris and saw all the sights, took in the cosmopolitan atmosphere and felt the rush of experiencing my first foreign city independently. Living over the channel in … [Read more...]

22 Delicious Coffee Stories From 2014


It has been a wild, wacky, incredibly buzzy 2014, the biggest and busiest year in Sprudge history. We more than doubled our readership from 2013, led by a big influx of readers from all over the globe, and especially from Australia, Eastern Europe and Asia. 2015 has many great surprises in store that we can't wait to start sharing with you soon, … [Read more...]

Coffee Cup Colour Makes Your Drink Taste A Certain Way, Says Science

Ascension Namusairo -Mugs

An incredible amount of thought goes into designing the ideal coffee cup. Weight for heat retention, mouth width to increase aroma, inner bowl shape for getting that perfect pour, ergonomics for comfort–all are taken into account in order to enhance the overall coffee drinking experience. But recently, a group of psychologists have produced … [Read more...]

An Interview With James Hoffmann, Author Of The World Atlas Of Coffee


James Hoffmann won the 2007 World Barista Championship in Tokyo, but at this point the accomplishment feels a bit in the rear view mirror. In the intervening years Hoffmann has helped establish Square Mile Coffee Roasters (which he co-owns) as a pioneer in the UK coffee scene; traveled the world for educational and promotional events with brands … [Read more...]

Terroir At 20,000 Feet: Barista Champ Brews On Dane Plane


Scandinavia has the highest levels of coffee consumption in the world, and has also fielded far more World Barista Champions than any other region. Third wave Scandinavian coffee is highly esteemed abroad, but there is still work to be done proselytizing the fancy coffee message to a wide audience of Scandinavians raised on endless cups of low … [Read more...]

The Quiet Mastery Behind Market Lane’s Tasmanian Ice Porcelain Coffee Cups


When you sit down to your morning cup of coffee, desperately anticipating all the caffeinated goodness that’s about to be infused into your system, do you ever think about the cup that holds all that delicious coffee? Do you have a favourite mug, and if so, why? Do you notice the texture in your hand, the weight of it, what the cup feels like when … [Read more...]

A Reflection On The Cafe Tragedy In Sydney

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Over the past few days, a terrible scene unfolded in Sydney, Australia. A gunman walked into a café, took the baristas and customers hostage, and began a standoff that lasted for sixteen hours. Two people were killed: Katrina Dawson, a customer who apparently died protecting her friend, and Tori Johnson, the café’s manager, who, according to … [Read more...]

The Great St. Ali Christmas Pudding Super Contest


As we begin rolling out our many holiday gift guides—each more authoritative and indispensable than the last—it means we spend time exploring through the various and sundry retail portfolios of the world's leading coffee companies, looking for holiday blends, choice gear bundles, and anything unusual that might catch our eye. All was well, and not … [Read more...]