Obama Drinks Tea While White House Refuses To Reveal Coffee Source


In his article from today’s Boston Globe, reporter and coffee geek Matt Viser goes on an extensive hunt to find who exactly is roasting the coffee that ultimately ends up in the mug of the most powerful man in the Free World. Creator of Double Shot, the Globe’s lifestyle blog documenting the intersection between coffee and politics, Viser … [Read more...]

Where To Surf The Nordic Coffee Wave In New York City

Budin New York City

This weekend heralded the frosty kickoff of the NORTH 2014 Nordic Cooking Fest in New York City, a pan-culinary celebration of the cuisine, skill and innovation of Scandinavia. In a world that's come to esteem Danish cooking as highly as Chinese food by way of Oklahoma City, this festival has hopped on the Nordic food bandwagon and is holding it … [Read more...]

Mugs And Kisses: Roseline Coffee At XOXO, Portland’s Alternative Tech Festival

roseline XOXOuntitled shoot-IMG_1514

When it comes to events that draw interesting, creative people together, having an appropriately interesting, creative coffee service is increasingly de rigueur. Whether that's global thinkers drinking coffee from a veritable army of top baristas at TED, or food and beverage luminaries sampling the pinnacles of Nordic coffee curation at MAD … [Read more...]

The New Huckleberry Cookbook Has A Whole Chapter Devoted To Coffee. Find Out Why.

Huckleberry Cookbook Cover - Photo Credit Matt Armendariz

In the new Huckleberry cookbook launched this week, Zoe Nathan Loeb chronicles her days in the bakery with Laurel Almerinda making muffins, scones, cakes, doughnuts, pancakes, breakfast dishes, and yes, coffee for Huckleberry Bakery & Café, arguably the most popular and delicious place to have breakfast in Santa Monica, California. Nathan owns … [Read more...]

6 American Cafes That Prove The Heartland Is Cutting Edge


Seventh Flag Coffee in Austin, Texas From Seventh Flag Coffee Unfurls Over South Austin [Tweet "Seventh Flag Coffee Unfurls Over South Austin #SprudgeDesign http://sprudge.com/seventh-flag-coffee-austin-texas.html"] Gralehaus in Louisville, Kentucky From Intelligentsia Modbar Louisville Gralehaus Beer Dinner [Tweet "Intelligentsia Modbar … [Read more...]

Hero Coffee Mug Finally Stars In Own Video Game


Cuphead, a forthcoming run-and-gun adventure game from Studio MDHR, was previewed at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo back in June. The game features beautiful 1930s style-animation throughout, and stars an anthropomorphic cup and coffee mug. The game is set to be released in 2015 on the Steam Network and XBOX One. It's set to be a … [Read more...]

5 Shocking Coffee Stories For Your Freaky Friday


Guilty: Seattle-based coffee drive-up Java Juggs' owner pleaded guilty for fraud and promotion of prostitution. Jiggle Hut owner Carl Mundy took to Twitter to voice his opinion: Shameful news about the owner of Java Juggs. As a bikini barista stand owner, I call on all respectable bare-ista joints to band together. —Carl Mundy (@carlmundy) … [Read more...]

We Interview Frode Boris Bakken, Norwegian Barista And Dreamy Pop Artist

Frode Boris Bakken Blom Bergen

This is the first in a new occasional series of articles profiling baristas and other folk who are working in coffee as they work on other things. Coffee can be an all-consuming career, but making and sharing this beverage can also be a fulfilling complement to a life filled with other passions. Frode Boris Bakken is a barista at Blom, a … [Read more...]

Square Is Collecting Coffee Shop Data And You Won’t Believe What They Found


Square Register has become a favorite point of sale tool in cafes, and cafes in turn are a favorite of customer of Square. So much so that Square conducts a lot of their register R&D in their own secret café deep inside their mid-Market headquarters. Recently, Square pulled anonymous usage data from literally thousands of cafes around the … [Read more...]

Artist Craig Damrauer’s Meditative Coffee Routine, Captured At Re:Form

moka pot reform

Medium is a publishing platform/community/experiment that is increasingly becoming home to one of just about everything. One of those things is How the Coffee is Made, a slow, deliberate meditation on the simple joys and iconic design of the Italian Moka pot, by artist and writer Craig Damrauer. This content is hosted under re:form, a new design … [Read more...]

The Coffee Scene At MAD Symposium: Tim Wendelboe, Drop, Koppi, Workshop, and More!

Anne Lunnell.

On 25th and 26th August, Sprudge joined the epicurean masses at MAD Symposium, keen to see how the culinary and coffee industries would dovetail. Within both industries MAD plays host to people with levels of passion and skill beyond normalcy, the likes of which are rarely found together in one spot. I arrived at 9am sharp to find an equally … [Read more...]

Nice Package: Belgian Coffee Roaster Caffénation Shows Off New Design

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.10.52 AM

Belgian coffee roaster Caffénation showed off their new kilo bag design on Instagram. It's a real nice package. Just look at how this yellow pops: And the green? We're all about it mister. We love the colors, the simplicity, and the typeface. Plus, in a post announcing the bags, they state "Our average buying price - green/unroasted … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Paolo Dalla Corte Takes A Crowbar To An Espresso Machine


Whoa. Our friends and partners at Dalla Corte Espresso Systems put together a video and nobody here was prepared it. Its sheer out-of-left-field brilliance left us all at Sprudge HQ in shock: three minutes of Paolo Dalla Corte, the man behind the DC Pro espresso machine, completely wailing on a three-group with a crowbar. The action starts at … [Read more...]

Check Out These Coffee T-Shirts From Hard Beans In Poland


The Polish coffee scene has really been heating up recently, thanks to a lot of hard work by many eager young coffee pros in the country. As you can see in our recent guides to the cafes of Warsaw and greater Poland, this scene takes in a kaleidoscope of European coffee influences, but manages to synthesize it all into a unique aesthetic and … [Read more...]

6 European Coffee Destinations With Killer Design


Emesen in Warsaw From Great Coffee In Poland, Part 2: The Marvelous Cafes Of Warsaw [Tweet "Great Coffee In Poland, Part 2: The Marvelous Cafes Of Warsaw #SprudgeDesign http://sprudge.com/great-coffee-in-poland-part-2-the-marvelous-cafes-of-warsaw.html"] Café Marlette in Paris From A Guide To Good Coffee In Montmartre [Tweet "A Guide To … [Read more...]

Sprudge At MAD: SF Chef Chris Cosentino Talks Coffee

chris cosentino mad feature

This is the first in a series of articles from Sprudge at the fourth annual MAD Symposium, looking at the growing crossover between food and coffee. MAD Symposium is a communal gathering of some of the world's leading chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts that took place this past weekend in Copenhagen. The worlds of high-end food and coffee are … [Read more...]