Indie Coffee Passport Comes To The East Bay

sprudge coffee indie coffee passport

Picture this: a high-end cafe serving specialty coffee in the embrace of a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood. Not hard to imagine, right? And rightly so, as the relationship is almost symbiotic: a great cafe, like a cool restaurant or classy bar, can be the catalyst for neighborhood change, and give urban dwellers an excuse to explore parts of their … [Read more...]

Coffee-Forward Media Honored With James Beard Award Nominations


The Books, Broadcast & Journalism Awards nominations for the 2015 James Beard Awards were announced at the James Beard House in New York City today. Among them, three coffee-forward folks were honored. Grant Lee Crilly, Chris Young, and Kristina Krug of ChefSteps were nominated in the "Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional" … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Coffee Is Not Killing Your Career


Last weekend Entrepreneur ran a scandalous coffee attack piece penned by AudienceBloom CEO and Founder Jayson Demers. "After a cup of coffee you feel bright, energized and motivated, so it’s got to be great for your career, right? The truth is more blurry," Demers writes. He then, in listicle form, gives seven reasons why too much coffee is … [Read more...]

[Poll] Do You Want To Talk To Your Barista About Race?


Starbucks Coffee introduced the #RaceTogether campaign this week, a program designed to bring American race relations dialog to its chain of coffee houses. The campaign has been discussed. It has been panned. It has scared at least one Starbucks exec off Twitter (Corey duBrowa has since returned to tweet again). One race: human. #RaceTogether … [Read more...]

We Went There: Grumpy Cat At Caffé Medici For SXSW

sleeping grumpy cat with bacon

The Internet developed sentience over the past weekend, becoming a living, breathing thing, and swallowed whole a downtown Austin coffee shop. The body incarnate of the blips and boops manifested itself in the form of Grumpy Cat—the most famous iteration of the most popular thing in the URLz—and five of her internet feline friends taking over the … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart Opens First Martha Stewart Café In New York City


@MarthaStewart opened her first cafe in NYC this morning, using Register! Welcome to Square, Martha. A photo posted by Square (@square) on Mar 12, 2015 at 8:53am PDT I don't care what anyone else thinks: Martha Stewart gives me life. From bouncing back from her criminal past to lambasting cut-rate Stewart wannabe Gwenyth Paltrow, Stewart … [Read more...]

Journey To The Center Of The Chemex Factory


In coffee, true global icons run few and far between. Germany has Melitta Bentz and her conical ubiquity. Italy has the Bialetti—and just about everything else having to do with espresso. And in the United States, the sleepy domain of low-brow automatic drippers and diner brews, we've got one pinnacle of brewing and design with more than one … [Read more...]

Matt Perger Digs Deep With Barista Hustle, A New Website For Coffee Pros

Neil deGrasse Tyson (via Scientia Salon) and Matt Perger (via Sprudge)

Matt Perger may be coffee’s Neil DeGrasse Tyson. On top of being one of the most accomplished baristas in the world—winning the World Brewers Cup in 2012, the World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship in 2014, as well as turning in 3rd and 2nd place finishes in the 2011 and 2013 World Barista Championships, respectively—he has also become the face … [Read more...]

At Georgetown University, Campus Coffee’s A 4.0

Compass Georgetown Corp Coffee Sprudge

On a winter morning, I climb up a steep hill, away from the familiar part of DC, into a world all its own. It’s midterms week up here at Georgetown University, and student-owned and operated cafes Uncommon Grounds, MUG (More Uncommon Grounds), and the Midnight Mug are packed with students—coffee of course being the catalyst to change exam denial … [Read more...]

The Story Behind Drift, A New Coffee Magazine


Drift Magazine is a new print magazine about coffee, launched this winter with a handsome first issue devoted to documenting New York City's coffee culture through photos, articles and stories. For their second issue, the New York-based team plans to capture the exploding Tokyo coffee scene. We talked to Drift co-founder Adam Goldberg, … [Read more...]

This Lime And Wine Iced Latte Is Giving Us Life

Cognoscenti Modbar Los Angeles Sprudge

Los Angeles' beloved Cognoscenti Coffee Modbar cart has moved from its location at Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park a few neighborhoods south, to Chinatown. Before the big move, operator Jack Benchakul took some time to visit Thailand, and came home inspired to create a few signature drinks for the new location. Yeekai Lim originally opened … [Read more...]

Pods, Foams, And Coffee Tropes In The Washington Post


Last week the Washington Post released two articles about coffee on the same day, one a little more science-y and one a little more statistics-y. Though they somewhat retread covered ground, they're both interesting tidbits that are worth a look, or for your convenience, we'll recap for you. Clumsy? Order a Latte Instead of Coffee. Have you ever … [Read more...]

What’s The Ish, Trish? Coffee Advice From Trish Rothgeb


Welcome to What's The Ish, Trish?—a new occasionally occurring advice column on, featuring Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, the Third Wave, and more.  Dear Trish, Sometimes cold brew tastes rotten and gives me a sore throat. Why? It seems harmless enough, and in fact I’ve been told it has less acid than a freshly … [Read more...]

“Always An Exception”: Inside The Rising Tide Of Indonesian Coffee


My love affair with Indonesian coffee began early, while I was new to the coffee industry, and still coming down from the seething iconoclastic urges of my teenage years. My fellow baristas loved Ethiopian, Colombian, and Brazilian coffees, but something pushed me towards the bracing earthy and herbal notes that took the foreground in coffees from … [Read more...]

Cookie Coffee Cups Go Mainstream With Help From Colonel Sanders


Will we look back at this moment (or last several decades) in history and reel in disgust at our wasteful, horrendous thirst for take-away containers? Every year we're reminded how many times our barely recyclable, hardly compostable, and flagrantly non-resuable paper cups can circle our globe, or if stacked, could reach the far reaches of our … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle And Perfect Coffee Founders Talk Acquisition

Blue Bottle PC 1

Yesterday broke the news that Blue Bottle Coffee has acquired Perfect Coffee, a Bay Area start-up  dedicated to advancing coffee preserving and grinding technologies, and the creators of single-serve pre-ground coffee packets that, dare we say it, do not suck. You can read a "just the facts, ma'am" feature about this … [Read more...]