Topo Chico is Espresso’s Best Friend in Texas

Photo by Desiree Espada.

As interest in specialty coffee continues its meteoric rise, so too has the number of shops opening in big cities and small towns around the world. Here in the United States, coffee bars have been experimenting for years with different ways to enhance their espresso service for their customers, or at the very least distinguish it from that of their … [Read more...]

An Interview With Workshop Coffee’s Tim Williams and James Dickson


It's been a monster year already for our friends and partners at Workshop Coffee in London, who've opened not one but two new cafes so far in 2014, in the city's Fitzrovia and Holborn neighborhoods. Amid the din and hum of running four busy coffee bars across London (not to mention a coffee buying trip to Kigali), Workshop's Director of Operations, … [Read more...]

Where to Get Coffee Before Heading to Your Favorite Chicago Music Festival

Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 - Emily Machura

Let’s face it: if you’re planning on attending a music festival in Chicago this summer, chances are, at some point, you’re going to need a good cup of coffee. Maybe you’ll need some coffee to fuel yourself for a day of drinking and dancing to some of your favorite bands in the sun, or maybe you’ll just need it to nurse away your hangover from … [Read more...]

We Interview Ohio Coffee Professionals (And One Proud Miamian) About LeBron James


I grew up not too far from LeBron James in a suburb of Akron, Ohio. In case you’re not familiar, Akron is known as the “Rubber City” because it used to house various tire and rubber factories including Goodyear and Firestone. It’s a city that’s past its prime as far as industry is concerned, and it has suffered the same fate as much of the Rust … [Read more...]

Coffee Takes A Back Seat In Season Four Of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Seinfeld's grimace.

You know what really grinds my gears? Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, comedian Jerry Seinfeld's comic "web" series. Three episodes into its fourth season and so far we've seen a lot of Starbucks and not a lot else. It should be called Comedians In Cars Stopping Off At Starbucks Real Quick. While the show maintains its celebration of Cars and … [Read more...]

We Do Dishes With The Coffee Design Team At notNeutral

notneutral set

If you spend any time in North American specialty cafes, it’s quite likely that you’ve been served a drink in one of notNeutral’s striking ceramic cups. But did you know that notNeutral is a division of the renowned Los Angeles architecture firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios, and that their signature coffee cups are the result of an intensive design … [Read more...]

The Bitter Trade, A Bawdy New Coffee Novel Launches At Prufrock In London

piers alexander the bitter trade prufrock

On a steamy night last Thursday Prufrock of London invited us to novelist Piers Alexander’s  launch of The Bitter Trade; a romper of a book set in 17th Century England. The title refers to the protagonist’s lurch into the dark, grimy world of London’s coffee trade at the time after his first experience of the “spicy sting” of the “black … [Read more...]

Andrew Brewtbart’s 2014 State Of The Union Address: The 4th Wave Of July


Andrew Brewtbart--the famously reclusive leading figure in the conservative coffee movement and an early regular contributor--returns with his annual Fourth of July supplement for The appearance of this content is contractually obligated, a per a poorly considered agreement we executed with Brewtbart in early 2010. As per his … [Read more...]

10 Beautiful Paper Coffee Cups From “Coffee Cups Of The World”


Let's be real. A staggering 500 billion paper cups are produced each year, most of which are not recyclable or compostable. Finding a reusable solution is far preferable, but in the meantime, one artist is photographing paper coffee cups and turning them into works of art. New York City based photographer Henry Hargreaves finds art in the … [Read more...]

Reading Is Fundamental: Check Out Coffee Obsession, A New Book From Square Mile Coffee’s Anette Moldvaer


After a quiet launch in the USA, DK Publishing dropped a new book called Coffee Obsession in the UK today. Anette Moldvaer, co-founder and green buyer at Square Mile Coffee, is the author behind this unique atlas/encyclopedia/coffee cookbook hybrid, which also appears to be a delightful primer for those new to the specialty coffee world. This … [Read more...]

Katie Carguilo’s New Role At Counter Culture Is A Coffee Dream Job


Katie Carguilo is a seasoned coffee professional who has won barista competitions, been all over the television, toured the world, and graced the cover of magazines. Carguilo took home the 2012 United States Barista Championship belt and has helped helm our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee in New York City for the last seven years. … [Read more...]

In The Company of Percy Ramirez At Compañía de Café


Percy Ramirez has a posse. The former Intelligentsia and G&B Coffee barista has been at the forefront of progressive coffee in Los Angeles for the last half-decade, working as a trainer and service professional with a glowing reputation in the community. In an industry that balances personality and performance like few others, Percy … [Read more...]

Liz Clayton Named Associate Editor At Sprudge


We're excited to announce that Liz Clayton, a longtime contributor and New York city desk staffer, has been named Associate Editor here at Sprudge. This is the culmination of many long years of collaboration with Liz Clayton and we couldn't possibly be happier about it. Liz Clayton's writing portfolio includes work for Time Out New York, the New … [Read more...]

Look At This Terrifying Illustration Of Coffee Varieties


London-based illustrator and barista James Clapham has published this wonderful illustration of coffee varieties and maladies. It is both amaze-balls and terrifying. Just look: While completing a masters degree in illustration, Clapham "fell into the coffee scene because I happened to live near a roastery in South East London called Volcano … [Read more...]

A Montreal App That Chronicles The City’s Best Coffee


Created as an artistic photo blog--with the secret goal of seducing another blogger--the adbeus project has recently evolved into a popular mobile app serving Montreal’s coffee scene. Free on both Android and iOS stores, and easy to use, adbeus’ new app shows you the independent cafés nearest your location, the best way to get there, brewing and … [Read more...]

Where To Drink Coffee In Los Angeles With LA Weekly’s Tien Nguyen


Whip-smart, a keen attention to detail, and a passion for craft--that's the coffee writing of Tien Nguyen. A longtime contributor to the LA Weekly, more recently Nguyen worked with Chef Roy Choi to organize and co-write his memoir, L.A. Son, then headed out on the road for an entertaining and sometimes arduous book tour. Now Nguyen has officially … [Read more...]