Terroir At 20,000 Feet: Barista Champ Brews On Dane Plane


Scandinavia has the highest levels of coffee consumption in the world, and has also fielded far more World Barista Champions than any other region. Third wave Scandinavian coffee is highly esteemed abroad, but there is still work to be done proselytizing the fancy coffee message to a wide audience of Scandinavians raised on endless cups of low … [Read more...]

The Quiet Mastery Behind Market Lane’s Tasmanian Ice Porcelain Coffee Cups


When you sit down to your morning cup of coffee, desperately anticipating all the caffeinated goodness that’s about to be infused into your system, do you ever think about the cup that holds all that delicious coffee? Do you have a favourite mug, and if so, why? Do you notice the texture in your hand, the weight of it, what the cup feels like when … [Read more...]

A Reflection On The Cafe Tragedy In Sydney

Image via Independent.co.uk

Over the past few days, a terrible scene unfolded in Sydney, Australia. A gunman walked into a café, took the baristas and customers hostage, and began a standoff that lasted for sixteen hours. Two people were killed: Katrina Dawson, a customer who apparently died protecting her friend, and Tori Johnson, the café’s manager, who, according to … [Read more...]

The Great St. Ali Christmas Pudding Super Contest


As we begin rolling out our many holiday gift guides—each more authoritative and indispensable than the last—it means we spend time exploring through the various and sundry retail portfolios of the world's leading coffee companies, looking for holiday blends, choice gear bundles, and anything unusual that might catch our eye. All was well, and not … [Read more...]

The Sprudge Merch Store Is Now Open


It's here! Following up our extremely popular 2013 online holiday merch pop-up, Sprudge.com is proud to announce the launch of our first permanent web store! We're featuring classic Sprudge coffee cat designs by Thomas Putman & Joanna Han, a bone shatteringly hardcore new t-shirt by Sabin, eye catching bumper stickers, World Barista Champion … [Read more...]

Barista Healthcare: How Do Your Favorite Coffee Companies Stack Up?


After raising $45 million in its latest round of funding, Blue Bottle Coffee is now extending healthcare benefits to its employees' dependents, and plans to offer retirement benefits as well. When I read that in this piece on Valleywag, it struck me as a positive attempt by Blue Bottle to stand out from the pack, since in our 2013 survey on barista … [Read more...]

Avocado Toast Defined: A Guide To The Australian Cafe Favorite

Australian Ultimate Avocado Toast-Paramount avo toast 4

Toast is just toast right? I for one have always scoffed at toast recipes; if you need help making toast then there just may not be any hope for you in the kitchen or elsewhere. Yet since toast is trendy, there’s no shortage of recipe roundups and guides if you really are toast deficient—and to be honest there’s one necessary type of toast recipe … [Read more...]

8 Colombia Spelling Fails That Will Rile You Up


Colombia, the country where coffee grows, is spelled with two o's. It's not spelled Columbia, like the university at which Barack Obama studied, or the British place in Canada with the good weed. Get with it. We aren't the grammar police—we're not going to correct typos on your Facebook—but as this Wall Street Journal article explains, spelling … [Read more...]

Third Wave Wichteln: The Return Of The Global Christmas Coffee Gift Exchange

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 9.52.05 AM

No matter how much you look around, trying to find a few more days in November, rummaging under all the seat-cushions and end-of year emails, the simple fact remains: the holidays are almost upon us. If you live in the United States, you're probably already dreaming of turkey-infused naps, and have hopefully made all your important Thanksgiving … [Read more...]

Visiting A Coffee Farm? Here’s An Essential Origin Packing Guide


For any serious coffee appreciator, traveling to an origin country and getting to see coffee being grown can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. I have discovered that visiting a coffee origin is more about what you bring with you in your soul than your suitcase. Here are some suggestions for making the most out of your trip to origin. No … [Read more...]

How Culture (Espresso) Came To Midtown Manhattan

Culture Espresso Sprudge

Midtown Manhattan, to many, remains a coffee mystery. Way back in 2009, when Culture Espresso opened its doors at the highly unlikely intersection of 6th Avenue and West 38th Street, specialty coffee was still a twinkle in the neighborhood's eye. In fact, you were far more likely to find a specialty button in this area, once the notions and … [Read more...]

What’s The Deal With Neil Young’s Starbucks GMO Boycott?


"I used to line up and get my latte everyday, but yesterday was my last one." Neil Young, via his amazing time capsule of a Geocities website, has announced that he is boycotting Starbucks. This announcement, which has caused a mild media dust-up, rides the coat-tails of Young's latest over-the-top double album release, Storytone, earlier this … [Read more...]

A Fresh Take On Coffee T-Shirts

Fresh Kaufee Sprudge

The coffee shop has always been one of the great incubators for artist-types. It’s a home base for creative nomads, where those not shackled to desk jobs go to sketch, write, or just ideate into leather-bound notepads, propped up only by a cup of coffee and, depending on your location and era, a pack of cigarettes. With artists having spent so much … [Read more...]

Conan O’Brien Gets A Coffee Schooling At Intelligentsia

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.05.24 AM

I love Conan O’Brien. The “In the Year 2000” sketches, the Masturbating Bear, that time he sold Springfield a Monorail–I celebrate his entire catalog. In his most recent exploits for Conan, O’Brien takes Associate Producer and whipping-boy-nemesis Jordan Schlansky to a tour and cupping at the Los Angeles roastery of our partners at Intelligentsia … [Read more...]

Thai Coffee, Stumptown, Pok Pok: Q&A With Lee Ayu

Lee Akha Ama Stumptown-9

Lee Ayu is not your average coffee entrepreneur. Born in the Akha tribal village of Maejantai, located in a remote national park in northern Thailand, Mr. Ayu is the founder of Akha Ama Coffee, a multifaceted coffee company that fuses social enterprise with small business ownership on the farm, cafe, and wholesale level. Working directly with Akha … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s First Instagram Photo Is Obviously Coffee


Seattle software giant Microsoft has launched a new official Instagram account with a hashtag campaign called #DoMore. The account's inaugural post features United States Barista Champion Laila Ghambari. "Coffee is in Laila Ghambari's blood; she practically grew up in Cherry Street Coffee House, founded by her father," the Instagram caption … [Read more...]