This Hello Kitty Cappuccino and Donut Combo Is Crazy Kawaii Cute

Photo by Julie Wolfson.

When Sanrio announced that Hello Kitty would celebrate her 40th Anniversary in Los Angeles, fans of Japanese Kawaii cute culture cheered. As part of the festivities the Japanese American National Museum has “Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty” on view now with a retrospective and art show. The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA will open … [Read more...]

Save A Coffee Farm in Guatemala With This Kickstarter Right Now

Finca El Valle Kickstarter Sprudge

Crowdfunding has never quite been so chic as today, and the latest coffee-centric pitch for your backing adds a welcome humanitarian twist. From our friend and partners at Sustainable Harvest comes this unique fundraising opportunity to make an impact on a Guatemalan coffee farm that's suffering the tragic consequences of roya, or coffee leaf … [Read more...]

Document Los Angeles, A Koreatown Art Gallery And Multiroaster Cafe

Document Coffee Los Angeles Sprudge

The light shines through from East and West facing doors illuminating through the new the DOC.U.MENT Coffee Bar and Gallery in Los Angeles. Simple long tables and school chairs fill the room. White walls that once were blank now hold the gallery's first exhibit, FACE. When I first walked into this cafe in shortly after its opening a few months … [Read more...]

Meridian: Madcap Coffee Teams With The Soil & The Sun

Meridian Labels

The Soil & the The Sun is a Grand-Rapids-based 7-piece band playing what they call "corn-fed, Michigan-made, experiential spiritual orchestral rock" and they recently released a new album titled Meridian. As part of that release, they collaborated with our partners at MadCap Coffee, also in Grand Rapids, on a limited release coffee "Meridian" … [Read more...]

Is Latte Art Coming Soon To A Starbucks Near You?


In a post earlier this month on the Starbucks Partners Facebook Group page, an internal document was leaked revealing the company has created a latte art guide for its partners (what Starbucks calls its staff). Is the company distributing these one-sheets to its 20,737 stores worldwide? Is latte art coming soon to a Starbucks near you? In … [Read more...]

We Interview Tohm Ifergan, “From Indian Lakes” Drummer And Coffee Obsessive


Musicians and coffee are the opposite of mutually exclusive: they inspire, perpetuate, and constantly interact with each other, from the barista recording demos late at night after work to the musician seeking clarity at the bottom of a demitasse before loading up the van. From Indian Lakes, an American music group originally from Yosemite, … [Read more...]

Vegan Kopi Luwak? Biotech’s Cruelty Free Coffee Fermentation


DIY fermentation projects ranging from homemade kimchi to cheese and beer are all the rage. A new food biotechnology company named Afineur is experimenting with coffee fermentation...inspired by Kopi Luwak. The birth of Afineur was originally inspired by the infamous Indonesian civet cat coffee. Not by the dubious exotic appeal of coffee … [Read more...]

Sprudge Interviews The Indonesian Ambassador To The EU


No two days of producing Sprudge are ever the same, and so it was that on one particular day--September 12th, 2014--I attended and participated in the inaugural Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival in Dublin, Ireland. Sprudge's involvement there included panel hosting, speaker introductions, and the opportunity to interview a variety of international … [Read more...]

Extreme Outdoor Coffee Brewing? There’s A Blog For That.


Portland, Oregon based barista Bethany Hargrove (Barista) has stunned us in the past with fabulous barista competition routines. We met up with her again last week in Palm Springs at the 2015 Big Western Regional Coffee Competitions, where she helped judge fifty-two barista competitors from thirteen states. It was there we learned about her hobby … [Read more...]

Coffee Is Good For Your Liver Health, Says Science


Science! It’s not just the thing “you fucking love” for all those Neil DeGrasse Tyson memes showing up in your Facebook feed; it also helps prove why awesome things like coffee are awesome for you. In a recent article for, Laura Geggel reports that drinking coffee, decaf included, is beneficial to liver health, sending shockwaves of … [Read more...]

A Cafe In Memories, And In The Heart: Paladar In Brisbane

Paladar Fumior Salon-_MG_1900

When I was growing up in Brisbane, the quality coffee scene was a relative wasteland, so anywhere that served something other than large brands like Lavazza, Vittoria, or Illy was the closest thing to 'quality' I could find. As a result, when I stumbled across a neat little spot called Paladar Fumior Salon in the inner-city suburb of South Brisbane … [Read more...]

Developing: Coffee Meets Film At Hillvale Photo in Melbourne

Hillvale Melbourne-000093

I have a confession to make… on the surface, I’m something of a stereotype: I work in coffee, I am mildly tattooed, and I like to shoot on film. To clarify, my interest in film isn’t because I want to recreate the grainy-looking filters from Instagram, but rather due to the majority of my photography degree being spent in darkrooms, studios, or on … [Read more...]

Dank Roast: Trichome Seattle Puts Weed In Coffee And We Tried It

Trichrome Seattle Sprudge

Spro & Dro is an anonymous blogger reporting from the very forefront of specialty coffee & high-grade marijuana. Founded in Washington State in 2012, S&D has been afforded a huge boost in available content over the last few months, as recreational marijuana stores opened their doors across Washington last July. We join Spro & Dro … [Read more...]

6 Striking Facts on The Science Of Coffee & Climate Change


About a year ago, we unveiled the shocking coffee leaf rust facts every coffee lover should know. This week, agreements and commitments resulting from the UN Climate Change Summit garnered applause from some fronts and criticism from others. While coverage of large milestones in addressing climate change is important, the media orgies spawned by … [Read more...]

The MAD Interviews: Talking Coffee With Peter Meehan of Lucky Peach

Peter Meehan holds cup, looks wistful

Peter Meehan, journalist and co-creator of the beautiful food journal Lucky Peach, helped curate MAD Symposium last year. He also worked with MAD on the organization's first NYC date for their MAD Monday discussion series. During his time writing for the New York Times, Meehan was one of the true trailblazers in writing seriously about coffee: he … [Read more...]

Starbucks At The CIA: Simple Franchise Or Elaborate Ruse?


The Washington Post continues their look into the fuel that powers our government with Emily Wax-Thibodeaux’s profile of the “Stealthy Starbucks” at the CIA compound in Langley, Va. Though it has the same accoutrements as just about every other Starbucks (or Starbucks-branded franchisee) around the world, “Store Number 1” is unlike any other thanks … [Read more...]