“A Film About Coffee” World Premiere This Week In Seattle


The world premiere of the much-anticipated A Film About Coffee happens this week in Seattle, Washington. Tickets are now available for the event taking place on April 26th at 7PM at the Downtown Seattle AMC Pacific Place 11, conveniently located just blocks away from the Washington State Convention Center, home to this weekend's SCAA … [Read more...]

Happy Easter. Happy (Almost) Anzac Day. Here’s Some Links.


It was a wild week what once was, Dear Readers, but that's nothing to prepare for the week whence impending, as we're in bunker mode here at Sprudge HQ in preparation for the upcoming 2014 Speciality Coffee Association of America Event, 2014 United States Barista Championshi, 2014 US Latte Art Championships, 2014 SCAA Symposium, and so, so much … [Read more...]

At 85, Bruno Dalla Corte Drinks 5 Espressos A Day


While in Milan for DC Campus last week, it was our distinct pleasure and privilege to sit briefly with Bruno Dalla Corte, patriarch of the Dalla Corte brand and a lifelong Italian espresso machine technician. He started his life in coffee in 1947, when at the age of seventeen he was hired as a technician by La Cimbali. He and a team of four were … [Read more...]

Meet 5 Real-Life Milanese Baristi


Fast. Well-dressed. Polite. These are the baristas of Milano, working at the espresso bar in classic destination cafes across the city like Caffe Aperol, Caffe Milano, and Caffe Martini. Sprudge co-founder Zachary Carlsen convinced 5 of them to sit for photo portraits and brief interviews while in Milan for the 2014 DC Campus event. This feature is … [Read more...]

Happy Day At The Links — Week Of April 13th

Tonx Handsome Blue Bottle Sprudge

While the 2014 US Masters golf tournament rolls on in Georgia, we take a look back at the week once was with our weekly collection of linkables, thinkables, and hot, black drinkables. This week's feature comes with original tater tot cartoon art from the talented, if slightly odd mind of Ben Blake, whose Draw Coffee remains one of our very favorite … [Read more...]

Sonja Bjork Grant Travels The World For Coffee


Sonja Bjork Grant sits on the board of the World Coffee Events and travels the world certifying judges at national championships. Ms. Grant has been involved in coffee since 1995, where she got her start at Kaffitar in Reykjavik. Since then, she's been integral in the international coffee competition circuit. She recently sold her share of … [Read more...]

A Cultural History Of Coffee Shop Campers

Little-Skips-Final-25-640x427 (1)

Many believe that the act of "camping," (turning a coffee shop into one's own personal office or lounge space for hours on end) is a new development in the history of cafe culture. We're here to tell you that this absolutely not true. Camping has been around as long as the coffee house, and long before the advent of wifi, freelance journalism, and … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Machines, Wood-Fired Roasters, And Sugar Shots At Mr. Espresso In Oakland

mr espresso-1446

Carlo di Ruocco founded Mr. Espresso in 1978 as an espresso machine importer, roughly an eon ago in the coffee geologic timescale. Mr. di Ruocco is still at the helm of the Oakland company, now also a coffee roaster; many of the Bay Area's first espresso machines were imported by our friends and partners at Mr. Espresso. Today, the family company … [Read more...]

Behind The Bar In Sydney With Leading LA Coffee Duo Glanville & Babinski


It was my distinct pleasure when, just a few weeks ago, I traveled from Melbourne to Sydney for the purpose of documenting G&B Coffee's week-long takeover at the Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills. Paramount's unique model allows them to host guests in residence from around the world -- see my earlier feature on Coffee Collective's … [Read more...]

Springtime for Link-ler, Week of April 6th

Sprudge Spring Elixir

Spring is in the air (cherry blossoms!!!!) and that means it's coffee event season--excellently captured by Ben Blake's newest doodle. Sprudge.com was all over the place this week, with Jordan and Zachary visiting Montreal for Barista Nation and then jetting to London to cover the UK Barista Championships and London Coffee Festival. I am in NYC, … [Read more...]

Roasting Coffee In The Desert With Hilux and Lightning Records


We've all had a memorable cup of coffee before. The setting—the light—the friends around us—that pride of honoring the chain all the way back to the farmer and the stories behind the cup—perhaps even a warm fuzzy feeling of connection to knowing by who, and where, the coffee was roasted with great care. And we've all had memorable travel … [Read more...]

El Salvador Coffee Producer Aida Batlle Named One Of The “Good 100″


Good, an "integrated media platform" and creative content company, has just released their fourth annual list of the "GOOD 100", a list of "doers" who reflect the "emerging identity crystallizing on our planet" of people who consider "their personal impact in a global light." This year Sprudgie-Award-winning coffee producer Aida Batlle from El … [Read more...]

A Beautiful, Interactive Look At Your Coffee’s Journey From Seed to Cup

nowsourcing bizbrain coffee seeds

Understanding how coffee goes from a cherry on a tree to a brown bean to your morning cup can be a challenge--the international coffee supply chain is a complex trade network, and there are many steps that must be taken to turn the bean of this seasonal fruit into a consumable product. Luckily NowSourcing, a digital marketing company in Louisville, … [Read more...]

Teens Smoking Coffee? We Helped Make That Up, And We’re Very Sorry


Sprudge.com co-founder Zachary Carlsen has something he'd like to confess. In November of 2013, I came across Porkulent's brilliant satirical feature on smoking coffee. Porkulent is a tongue-in-cheek blog written by "Chef Enis LeConnard." It hasn't been updated since then, which is a shame, because it's hilarious. I knew we just had to share … [Read more...]

Parsing Coffee Buzzwords


Coffee companies worldwide are adopting terminology, inventing new words, and repurposing old words to market and sell their goods. Who can blame them? In this day and age, locally sourced and carefully curated heritage products are de rigueur. But what's the difference between hand-crafted and hand-made? What does "specialty" mean, … [Read more...]

We Talk Letterpress And Design With Oddly Correct Coffee Roasters In Kansas City


Letterpress culture runs deep in Kansas City, Missouri, so it should come as no surprise that one of KCMO's top indie roasters--Oddly Correct--has a robust letterpress program of its own, printing original artwork on its coffee bags and featuring multiple large pieces throughout the interior of their Main Street cafe. The man behind the ink is … [Read more...]