Portland Cafes Limit Service, Shut Down During Citywide E. coli Scare


Trace amounts of E. coli have been found in Portland, Oregon water samples and a boil water alert has been issued for the most of the city, resulting in the emergency closures of several parts of the city's critical cafe infrastructure. We have contacted several establishments to find out what's what and figure out how cafes are addressing people's … [Read more...]

Sprudge.com Adds Two New Regional Desks – Now Seeking Writers Worldwide


Allow us this momentary break in bringing you coffee news from around the world to talk, if only briefly, about some exciting internal news at Sprudge. Our publication is rapidly approaching its 5th birthday; it continues to be wholly owned and operated by Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, and funded by a carefully chosen network of brand … [Read more...]

Unic Announces Distribution Partnership With Blossom Coffee


Rumors have been swirling for months, but Sprudge can now finally report that San Francisco based start-up Blossom Brewing Company and our friends and partners at the ninety-five year old French-based Unic espresso machine manufacturer will join forces. We're not even a month in, and 2014 is already looking to be another year of intense competition … [Read more...]

Maine Frame: Starbucks Expands In Portland, Area Baristas Shrug


A third Starbucks will open in downtown Portland, Maine in the next few weeks, according to Bangor Daily News, but area coffee shops seem pretty okay with the whole situation. Maybe it's because, according to this Slate article, proliferation of Starbucks is actually good for business. Maybe it's because the scene there is already thriving with … [Read more...]

Stars And Strips? Patriotic Bikini Barista Stand Closes In Florida


The owner of Bikinii, a month-old cafe and drive-thru kiosk in Riviera Beach (that is definitely spelled that way), has contacted the Broward Long Beach Times with the following statement: Ray Webber had a dream. And that dream was to open a drive-thru kiosk staffed by women in patriotic bikinis serving coffee and food stuffs. Clean Plate … [Read more...]

Tully’s Follies: Starbucks Strikes Back, or What Becomes Of A McDreamy Deferred?


Turns out not everyone is a McDreamy fan: Starbucks is fighting back hard against actor Patrick Dempsey's bid to buy the beleagured Seattle-based coffee company Tully's. Starbucks wants to buy the chain and turn its cafe locations in Starbucks, in what amounts to a kind of scorched earth, smite-thy-enemies "Game of Thrones"-esque end game for the … [Read more...]

Tully’s Follies: Bikini Barista Barons Bid On Bankrupt Business


Dateline: Seattle, "The City That's More Blue Collar Than You Think." It seems the fine folk'um at Baristas Coffee Company Inc. (BCCI) have placed a bid to acquire poor, bedraggled Tully's, once a titan amongst Starbucks impersonators, now having fallen on bad times. It's a move that has a lot of people buzzing! "Baristas said Tuesday it will bid … [Read more...]

Yunnan: Coffee Crisis As Nescafe Bid Hits Five Year Low


Kang Xiaxiao of the Morning Whistle reports that "Nestle provided a purchase price of 17.9 yuan per kilo for coffee beans produced in Yunnan over the 2012 to 2013 purchasing season on Nov. 20, which is the lowest bid in the past five years." That's about $1.30 a pound, which according to Xiaxiao, "is very close to the break-even point for coffee … [Read more...]

Full Cardboard Jacket: Vietnam Coffee King’s War On Starbucks


Will Trung Nguyen be bigger than Starbucks? Dang Le Nguyen Vu, Vietnam's "Coffee King", is aiming for a robust(a) global expansion of his Vietnam-based coffee brand. And he's not afraid to bird dog and mean mug on Starbucks while he works to reach that goal. Via Reuters: "Our ambition is to become a global brand," the chairman of privately-owned … [Read more...]

Update: Costa Coffee Totes Not Opening In Totnes


After considerable success shaming (originally covered by Sprudge here), the folks at Costa Coffee will not opening up shop in the British quirk capital of Totnes. The city council was totes cool with it, but the city folk themselves were totes against it and Costa decided it didn't want to draw swords with the Totnes townies. More from Auntie … [Read more...]

Our Modern World: Blue Bottle $20m Sale and Ensuing Media Bonanza


A few days ago, pioneering media gossip rag TechCrunch (founded in the early 2000s, sold to AOL in 2010 for $25 million) broke the story that Blue Bottle Coffee had "raised close to 20 million" thanks to investment from the adventure capitalists at True Ventures and Index Ventures. Here's the SEC filing form for you to go over with your lawyer … [Read more...]

San Jose: The Barefoot Coffee Soft Opens A Rollup Pop-Up


The fine folks at Barefoot Coffee just opened a "Rollup Bar" at their roastery in San Jose - but it's not a fruit rollup bar, silly, it's a coffee bar! Eater Wire sez: "San Jose roastery Barefoot Coffee (76 Sunol) soft opened an on-site cafe featuring pastries, hot coffee, cold brew and Dandelion Chocolate bars today (September 26). The grand … [Read more...]

Batdorf And Bronson Opens In Ponce City Market [Video]

Some striking images out of Atlanta, where Batdorf & Bronson have opened their newest Dancing Goats espresso bar. We're following up from last June, when we first mentioned Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta's role in the exciting new Ponce City Market project, the restoration of a 2 million square foot, 14 story building originally built in 1926 in … [Read more...]

Malice In Chains: Quirky British Town Queens Out On Costa Cafe

The city of Totnes, a sort of Santa Cruz / Olympia / Burlington mash-up located in the United Kingdom, is TOTES not okay with Great Britain's largest coffee chain setting up shop in their Crunchy Free Zone. They signed petitions and marched and everything! But Costa Coffee is unassuaged, and will soon be bringing their franchised cafe services to … [Read more...]

Silly-Con Valley: Your Choice In Cafe Is Worth Beaucoup Bucks


Owen Thomas, court scribe for Business Insider, has published a cafe crawl guide for young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. All things being equal, his map doesn't give two hoots about quality service, drinks, or even roasters - it's based solely on the cafe's ability to help you sell your precious startup to a cabal of Internet Titans! The closer … [Read more...]

Portola Coffee Lab To Open Coffee Cocktail Bar


Is the great coffee experience more than quality, polished uniforms, and long lines? We think the folks at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA may be on the right track, as per this feature in The Orange Country Register. The article itself is a big noisy traffic jam of mainstream media coffee cliches - from the title ("Coffee perk-fection") to … [Read more...]