Caffe Vita Jamaica Blue Mountain: Chump Clown Meet...

Caffe Vita Jamaica Blue Mountain: Chump Clown Meets Stumptown

You Must Be Clowning

Currently for sale at Caffe Vita locations in Seattle: Jamaica Blue Mountain, $33 for a 1/2 pound, just another fine exemplar of that classic Vita roasting profile “sure to please even the most discerning palate”. Vita serving overpriced JBM isn’t really a big story; expect to see more of this as the Japanese slough off their share for higher quality product and Rohan Marley’s supply of ganja dwindles. What IS a story then is Mike McConnell and Co’s decision to bag their Blue in a blatant Stumptown knock-off.

The whole thing is kind of meta.

They’re making fun of Stumptown for originating in Portland, then expanding to Seattle and challenging Vita’s market share. We get it. But at the same time…putting your “finest”, most expensive offering in a Stumptown-style bag amounts to acknowledging that the brown bag with the blue info card is shorthand for quality. As opposed to your own packaging. Right?

Whatever it means, these guys have so much pizza money they can clearly afford the lark.

  1. Mike

    7 January

    Idiot its “Kraft”

  2. Joe

    7 January

    I love how Stumptown switches to a typical brown craft bag and everyone looks at it as a revolution, and that everyone who ever used a craft bag (before or after they made the swtich) is now a copy cat. I guess I dont get it.

    • Tom

      7 January

      Joe, you’re a retard.

  3. Fritz

    29 December

    I don’t get it. Caffe Vita has a location in Portland. AND they’re actually dumb enough to open it next to the Vita Cafe (which has been there for at least 10 years). The whole bag design ripoff is a weird way to make fun of the fact that Stumptown makes better coffee. And yeah, what does that say but their regular packaging? Other than that it has a stupid clown on it.

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