Seattle Weekly: “Caffe Vita Cocaine”

Seattle Weekly: “Caffe Vita Cocaine”

Never before in the history of written, conversational, or discreetly whispered language have these three words been uttered together, but “Caffe Vita Cocaine” is the gist a recent blog post from Seattle Weekly.

Just a few days ago, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s office lackeys committed a Freudian slip of oracular proportions. The press release for their newly-opened Capitol Hill Outdoor Ice Rink (Sponsored By The Mayor) mentions Caffe Vita will be providing warm drinks to chilly skaters, then goes on to assert (in glorious erratum) that Vita’s service will include “hot coffee” and “coca”:

Cafe Vita Has The Good Cocaine
– Seattle Weekly:

Has there ever been a better idea than inhaling a mountain of snow before hitting the ice? No, there hasn’t. Sadly, when asked if cocaine would actually be available at the Cal Anderson rink, [Mayoral aid] Pickus corrected himself, saying: “Typo. I’m sure you can relate.”

He actually meant cocoa, we’re quite certain. “O,” what a letdown.

Keep it classy, Seattle Weekly.

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