Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery

Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery

Shocking news out of Gainesville, Florida. Anthony Rue, owner of Volta and friend of Sprudge, was hog-tied, pistol whipped and robbed in his home. At around 4PM EST, Anthony updated his Twitter feed, “Don’t try to call me. Phone smashed during home invasion robbery. Very bad day.” His computers and cameras were stolen and his home was ransacked. Fortunately, Anthony escaped the ordeal with minor injuries.

“On the upside,” Anthony later tweeted, “I kept my cool, didn’t get shot and I now know I can escape when hog-tied. Cave diving helped train me to work under pressure”. Our thoughts and prayers are with you tonight, Anthony. Send your thoughts to @true_volta.

Photo cred: Mike Phillips


  1. Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery via @sprudge

  2. Mark Inman

    29 August

    Please let us know what we can do. What a horrible story….

  3. Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery

  4. Anthony Rue

    29 August

    Not how I thought I’d end up in Sprudge! Thank you to everyone for the kind thoughts. It has been rather rough, I’m pretty sore, and Janet and I are rather jumpy. Such great friends in this industry! We’ll be fine. Cameras and computers can be replaced; insurance should cover most of the losses. The staff at Volta are all heroic and are taking care of everything at the shop. Thanks again for all the kind thoughts.

  5. Horrible news. Hope you are doing as well as expected Anthony. RT@sprudge:Cafe Owner Brutalized In Home Invasion Robbery

  6. Meister

    29 August

    Oh my G-d, this is horrible. Please, — tell us how we can help? A collection to help make up for stolen goods?

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