Brewtbart: BGA Vote Happening Now!

Andrew Brewtbart is a Boca Raton-based author, coffee pundit, and “leading voice of the Conservative Coffee Movement.” Writing here exclusively for Sprudge, Mr. Brewtbart has toned down his trademark liberal-bating, instead proudly bringing you a message of impending electoral opportunity for registered BGA members.

My Friends,

There is no season that stirs the marrow in my bones like election season. Gingrich? Romney? The villainous Ron Paul? I’m not referring to Presidential caucuses – kooky blasts of ca-ca, best left in the Caucusus – nor the Republican primaries – secondary at best – but rather, the pressing electoral decision of our time and age, presented before us on this very day. That’s right, America – it’s the BGA Leadership Elections, and they are now upon us.

The spoils: two (2) Executive Council positions, plus new chapter reps for the Northwestern, Western, Mountain, South Central, and Southeast regions. 9 candidates offering their service for the EC; a heated pool of willful entrants vying to represent the Northwest. You can read the full candidates list by clicking here, and you can check out some more information on the voting process and what these positions mean by reading this pamphlet by Scott Lucey. Your official ballot is available here, but remember! Only active BGA members may vote in this election. No foreign nationals, no former members whose dues have been in lieu since the victory of Mike Phillips, just the current and bona fide electorate.

Voting has now begun, and will run until February 17th. As the Kennedys used to say, “vote early and vote often.”

Happy voting, friends. While I shall endorse no candidates, I do have these words for you consider when going forth into the digital voting booth: When you exercise democracy, you exercise freedom; and when you exercise freedom, you exercise courage; and when you get this much exercise, I feel well-within my inalienable rights to take a day off at the gym. God bless America! In Brewtbart we trust.



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