Breaking! Fincas Mierisch 2013 Private Auction Bre...

Breaking! Fincas Mierisch 2013 Private Auction Breaks $100/lb



At 1:15PM EST, a twenty-three pound box of coffee broke $100/lb at the very first ACE Private Auction. The lot is comprised of 23lbs of Laurina, a naturally occurring caffeine-free variety. A decaf coffee just broke $100/lb green at auction.

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.18.39 AM

It’s all still happening at this very moment. Watch live here.

Read more about this program here.


  1. Mike Strumpf

    25 April

    Laurina has been found to have low caffeine content (about half of normal arabica coffees), but is neither caffeine-free nor decaffeinated.

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