Bikini Barista Reality TV Is Totally Actually Happ...

Bikini Barista Reality TV Is Totally Actually Happening

Todd Carmichael’s Travel Channel TV show airs in just eight short weeks, and we’ve already got our DVRs set. But while we’re waiting, there’s another reality show on the horizon, recently given the green-light by noted reality TV production company A. Smith & Co.

Baristas will be filmed in the Seattle area, and is slated to “follow the scantily clad female employees of the Baristas Coffee Company, which has locations in five states.” No word yet on which station might pick up the new reality series, but A. Smith & Co. are the folks behind shows currently running on TruTV and Versus, plus The Choice (on Fox) and Hell’s Kitchen / Kitchen Nightmares, both Gordon Ramsey vehicles. This means Baristas may well be developed for and aired on a cable network in the coming months.

This is Scott, the president of Baristas:

Available footage on the Baristas Youtube channel – which seems to contain most of a pilot episode – yield important details on the upcoming production. We’ve deduced:

*The Baristas girls all live in the same luxury manse.

* The Baristas girls routinely get into physical confrontations with one another. [Note: the above two links are the same link.]

* Coffee service itself is happening on a grimy-looking La San Marco two-group.

* Girls at Baristas are regularly pressured into making sales, and compete with each other for sales leads.

It’s like The Bachelorette meets Pimps Up, Ho’s Down, out for coffee together at Central Perk. Also they’re releasing a luxury line of “adult” coffee ice cream, because this feature needed more outrageous details.

Still, no network or air date has been announced. Stay tuned to Sprudge for more Baristas details, obviously.



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