Big Central Brewers Cup Finals Schedule

  • Big Central Brewers Cup Finals Schedule

    Your 2012 South Central Brewers Cup Finalists

  • Big Central Brewers Cup Finals Schedule

    Your 2012 North Central Brewers Cup Finalists

By 24 March 2012

Here’s your 2012 BCRBC Brewers Cup finalists! They’re from both the North and South Central regions, and will compete back-to-back throughout Finals Sunday.

10:15 North Central Finalist #1: Jonathan Colon, The Wormhole Coffee, Chicago @setyoursnares, @wormholecoffee

10:42 South Central Finalist #1: Robbie Britt, Espresso Parts, Morley, MO @dynamitecoffee, @espressoparts_

11:09 North Central Finalist #2: George Bregar, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee, WI @georgebregar, @alterracoffee

11:36 South Central Finalist #2: Mike Marquard, Half & Half, STL @mikenorth

12:03 North Central Finalist #3: Miranda Johnson, MadCap Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI @mirandroid, @madcapcoffee

12:30 South Central Finalist #3: Tyler Rovenstine, Oddly Correct, Kansas City, MI @TRovenstine, @oddlycorrect

12:57 North Central Finalist #4: Scott Lucey, Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee, WI @scottlucey, @alterracoffee

1:24 South Central Finalist #4: Andrew Iwerson, The Roasterie, Kansas City, MO @theroasterie

1:51 North Central Finalist #5 Robbie Krask, Caffe Streets (NC) @caffestreets

2:18 South Central Finalist #5 Lorenzo Perkins, Cuvee Coffee, Austin (SC) @lorenzoperkins, @cuveecoffee

2:45 North Central Finalist #6 Jon Ferguson, Independent, Lincoln, NE



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